FOTD ft. EDM Blush in B&B + NOTD

I went through a blusher phase last month when every day all I did was think of what different colours I could buy next to increase my blusher stash. (Thankfully, that phase is now over!) I ended up with way too many blushers (have stopped counting at 50) and realized this is going nowhere and I really. Need. To. Stop.

I am also very fortunate to receive a love package from my dearest CC buddy Christine, who offered to send me some of her EDM blusher samples since she knew I was keen on EDM then (albeit a little late). Therefore, I ended up with MORE blushers than my poor cheeks could handle because she sent me like.. 20+ samples.

As such, I have decided to wear a different blusher each day and keep a log so I won’t repeat. This actually helps me to keep track and to keep unnecessary purchases at bay. Besides… The blusher phase is now over for me 😛

This is Day 1’s FOTD  featuring B&B blush from EDM:

It is an orangey coral (actually more like burnished copper) that is very pigmented and can look a tad dark.

How it looks when worn:

This is HIGHLY pigmented as can be seen in the swatch above so the trick is to use a light hand. What I did was tap my flat blush brush into the pigment, swirl it around the cap and tap it on my cheeks barely touching the bristles to my face. It does lend a very pretty and natural glow which I totally love.

Products I Used:

Face: ZA True White Plus Instant Brightener, ZA True White Plus 2Way Foundation, Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer

Eyes: Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut Eyes (only highlighter shade), Bobbi Brown Gel Liner- Black, Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara

Cheeks: EDM B&B Mineral Blush

This is a look I do most of the time, guess I am already past the phase of doing full eye makeup because I think it is too time-consuming and since I spend most of the time either at home or in school, I like to go for a quick and simple look that I can complete within half an hour (sleep is essential!!).

The ZA products are new, and I am still in the process of test-driving them so I won’t do a full review so soon. However, the results are pretty good as of now and I’m quite pleased.

I just want to end this post with a NOTD!  It was a horrid time for me over the past few months because my nails were peeling, splitting and breaking like crazy. I don’t want to jinx it by saying my nails are perfect now, but at least they are recovering from the constant use of Nailtek and OPI Original Nail Envy.

China Glaze FYI (2 coats):

Base Coat: Nailtek Xtra + OPI Natural Nails Base Coat, Top Coat: Nailtek Xtra

Taupish nude. Supposed to be holographic from online nail swatches BUT I DON’T SEE IT IN MINE 😦

And this colour looks awful on me indoors, totally regretted getting this. Colour discrepancy aside, the formula of this lacquer is fantastic. It goes on buttery smooth and is at least 80% opaque on first coat. I used 2 out of habit. Love the brush too, I find that CG’s slim brush works better for me than OPI’s because it is not as fat and wide.


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  1. coremptiness

    my blusher count was insane also.. i think i’m letting them go despite of the super cute colours.. T.T

  2. Sorry, I pressed enter before posting what i have to say regarding FYI. I think you got a dud version because thats what happened to me. I had bought FYI on Ebay 6 months ago and when I tried it, it was horrible and no holo to it, just barely a little holo in the sun. Anyways, I was at a nail supply store and I found an FYI. I decided to buy it and figured I could swap it. When I got home I swatched it on one nail, and realized it was a true holo with lots of rainbows. So I tested them side by side and realized I got duped on Ebay. So my conclusion is that you have a dud version with no holo. Sorry to tell you this.

  3. Well I didn’t know either that there were fakes, until this happened to me. But its not your fault or mine because you never know what other people do to polishes. I have to tell you that the Holo FYI is so Gorgeous. I may send you a picture soon if I can get my camera to work and the sun to show up. Thanks. 🙂

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