Favourite Makeup Brushes

I love buying makeup brushes and am always open to trying out new tools because  I believe they make or break a look and also make application so much faster and easier.

This is a short post regarding my favourite makeup brushes:)


Sigma F80: Flat Top Kabuki, very densely packed and super soft bristles. Applies foundation very well without streaks and gives a perfect flawless finish when you buff in the foundation. LOVE IT. However, it takes about 2 days to dry completely and I find I have problems washing the brush (especially the bristles in the centre) as I have to concentrate on cleaning the centre portion which can be time-consuming. It tends to drag on the skin due to the density but use a light hand by barely touching the tips to the skin and buffing in circular motion.

MAC 187: Very highly raved duo-fibre stippling brush. The least dense of the three. Stipples and buffs foundation well but takes some effort to blend out the streaks because of the sparse bristles. Like it because it makes application a breeze! Price point is slightly high though, I recommend getting this more for application of MAC MSFs or pigmented blushers. Nice to have but not a must-have for foundations.

ELF Powder Brush: An instant favourite because of its versatility. I use this for liquid foundation, loose powder and sheer blushers. Performs similarly to Sigma, leaves foundation looking flawless and smooth. However, it is rather difficult to reach crevices such as around the nose or lips because of the shape/size. Best part? This is only USD3. I firmly believe EVERY GIRL needs to own at lease ONE of this. LOVELOVELOVELOVE  this.


These are eye brushes I tend to use daily or on a frequent basis.

From top to bottom:

MAC 212: A square-topped flat synthetic brush, I use it with Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. Makes it pretty easy to angle the “wing”. Some people dislike it because of its inflexibility but I think it’s quite easy to work with.

Sephora #14 Smudge Brush: I use this to smudge eyeshadow/eyeliner on my lower lash line. Good for larger smudging (ie. smokey eyes)because the brush can be a tad big.

Sigma E50 Large Fluff: I use this for all-over eyeshadow placement. It is a versatile brush and can be used for highlighting of the face too.

MAC 224: Fluffy blending brush, good to smoothen and blur harsh lines.

Sigma E25: My absolute favourite (had already retired my MAC 217 because of this). It is like a 2-in-1, the flat shape allows patting of eyeshadow colour and the dome-shaped top is great for blending. I love to use this for my crease color/outer-V.

MAC219: Pencil brush. This is for more precise application of colour or for smudging colour on the lower lash line.

MAC 239: Favourite brush for packing on eyeshadow or patting on loose pigments.


Top to Bottom:

MAC 187: Fantastic for cream/powder blushers, especially those pigmented ones because it applies and distributes the color evenly without looking over the top. I use this with all MAC MSFs and cream blushers.

Coastal Scents Angled Blush Brush: This is my favourite for quite some time because it is so densely-packed. However, the bristles are a tad scratchy so it may not be perfect for people with sensitive or acne-prone skins. I love it because it picks up so much color especially for blushers with bad pigmentation. The shape is also great for accurate colour placement but I wouldn’t recommend it for contouring though it is angled because it is too dense to buff comfortably.

Sasa Cyber Colors Blush Brush: This brush is easy to use everyday, I like it because it is flat and dome-shaped making application of blush fuss-free and idiot-proof. This works with both sheer and pigmented blushers as the key lies in the control of the brush. Bristles are natural and they feel super soft against the skin.

Hope this post helps some!


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