FOTD: JS Illuminance Palette #07 + Illamasqua Blush Tremble

This look is done using Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyeshadow Palette in 07 Layered Gem; it was pretty hastily done so pardon the bad blending and awful hair 😦


Products Used:

The first shade (chunky silver glitter) is amazingly smooth and buttery to the touch. Best applied with fingers as using a brush will cause a lot of fly-outs. I’m not too sure if I like this palette at all as it makes me look dirty; I won’t stop using this but I don’t use this very frequently at all.

As with all JS products, this is very high quality. Also has a slight fruity scent which I absolutely love. With the exception of the darkest blue-gray shade, each shadow is finely-milled, soft and pigmented.

Illamasqua Tremble Blush:

An absolutely beautiful pale pink blush in pan. However after application, it turned out a teenyweeny bit peachy. I had layered it over Canmake’s Cream Blush hoping to increase the pink but unfortunately, it didn’t 😦

I love Illamasqua blushers, they come with that signature MAC vanilla scent which I find very comforting!


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  1. Very nice! i like the EOTD i totally agree that jill stuart products smell so good! 🙂 i like the blush reminds me of bobbi brown pale pink

    • Yes I adore the smell too :D:D I used to have BB Pale Pink but I find that it looks awfully chalky on me, so I ended up giving it away. That was like.. many many years ago when I first started to venture into makeup so I guess it could have something to do with my application skills since it looked so lovely on you 😛

      • miss Elain-nio

        I am tempted to get the JS Compact Blush that you have. It look very nice on you 🙂

        Still deciding on the color as I do not own any of JS compact blush. I have the Blush Blossom but I seldom use it as it can get messy… 😦

        Hmm… maybe it is the brush?
        I like the BB Pale pink so much that I keep repurchasing it… Hee… Thanks for ur compliment 😀

        Anyway I try out the elf powder brush today! Yup.. I love it! Super dense and soft!

      • OH YOU SHOULD GET JS! That is, if you are a fan of sheer blushers. They are pretty sheer so must use a little bit of effort and layering to get them to show up.

        Their blush blossoms are damn pretty, but like you said very messy, so I didn’t even try them out 😦 So sad that we can’t get JS here; I went crazy at the JS counter whenever I go to TW 😛

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