FOTD: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #01 + Milani Luminous Blush

It is super hot and humid today but it gives great sunlight for lots of photo taking 😛

The Lunasol Start of Night #01 palette was released as part of Star Shower Eyes series in Fall 2009 and features two shades of contrasting shadows, one shimmery highlight and a powdered liner shade. #01 was the only one that appealed to me as I was heavily obsessed with purples/neutrals then. Now I regretted not picking up Star River as well 😦

I have barely used this palette ever since I got it, I might have used it for like… 4 times AT THE MOST. *guilty*


Products Used:

Close Up:

The shadows have a subtle pearlescent sheen to them, very typical of Lunasol palettes. These are super fine, they come off as creamy to the touch but they are actually powder shadows.

This palette however, tends to leave one looking a little bruised if you aren’t careful. Perhaps that is the reason why I am unwilling to use this. This also reminds me of the JS Illuminance Eyes in Layered Gem some entries earlier. Both feature similar shades just that JS is a notch darker and more glittery.

As for blush, I was wearing Milani Smooth Finish Blush in Luminous.

This is touted to be the dupe for NARS Orgasm, but I wouldn’t say it is an EXACT dupe. I used to own NARS Orgasm but it was WAY too glittery and orangey for my skin and I remember I hated it. I have no idea why it was so highly raved on MUA and Specktra when it was such a mess on my cheeks. Therefore, I happened to chance upon Milani Luminous and I was sold because it was NOTHING like what Orgasm was on me.

This blush is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I had applied it vigorously for it to show up on my camera but I think I had overdone it because it looks damn pink on my cheeks 😛


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  1. Hello dear now i am leeming on the blush! but it is more peach in nature? looks really pink but i like! Love your EOTD! very intense and you have good skills!

    • Thank you Elaine!

      The blush is more peach in real life with a lot of gold in it. It turns out pink in pictures though 😛 Very pretty blush, I love it WAY more than I like NARS 🙂

  2. I love how you apply your blusher, looks like I must really check out the Ecotools blush brushes for myself! The MAC 116 is a total fail -_-”

    The quad reminds me of the MAC Spiced Chocolate! Very red-brown-purple! But you pull it off so prettily!

    • Oh thank you!

      How come the 116 didn’t work for you? Im using this random cheap blush brush from Cyber Colors (Sasa) and Im liking it so far. I think Ecotools and Body Shop’s are not bad too but they are synthetic so might be a little hard to pick up powder 🙂

      • Babe, you sound like you know your brushes really well, I must really ask you for advice. The 116 tends to pat away my concealer/foundation, so after I’m done with it, I suddenly can see my pores/scars. I think either I’m putting in on too hard, or I’m just putting it on the wrong way. Come to think of it, I have yet to watch a tutorial on ‘how to use the 116’ -_____________-” epic fail me.

        I think the problem with me is that I end up with a harsh swipe (or maybe I just dont have a V face, hamster cheeks T_T) and you girls have this beautiful glow. Sighs. Maybe I would do better buffing with the 109 into my skin. But that would buff away my concealer too right?!

      • MAC116 is more for precise blush application so that could explain the harsh line? What I usually do with my blusher is that I pat colour on using the flat side, then buff using the dome side to blend it out. I buff in gentle circular motion around the edges with just the tip of the bristles touching my face. Do you apply your blush after you have set your foundation or do you apply right after liquid fdn? If I apply after my makeup has set, I won’t see the problem of rubbing away my concealer 😛 Im unsure about the 109 because I do not have that, but it looks a tad too dense for me to buff on cheek colours 😦 I prefer something not as dense so at least I can build up the intensity of pigmented blushers by using light swipes.

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