FOTD: Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette GY-1 ft. Muji Swirl Blush

This was what I wore for clubbing over the weekends, it’s a neutral smoky eye with light peachy cheeks and subtle lips as the focus was meant to be on the eyes.

I had also worn 2 pairs of fake lashes (one on top of the other) to achieve that voluminous intense look. The lashes also show up better in photos under dim lighting 😛


I only used one eyeshadow palette and in this case it was the Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette in GY-1.

Products Used:

The colours are slightly on the sheerer side and they tend to be rather powdery so it is advised to pat them on rather than swiping. I used this palette with the sponge applicators they came with as that helped with the pigmentation.

As for blush, I used a Muji swirly blush that I picked up 2-3months ago for less than $20 if I recall correctly. There are two colours available – pink and peach. I used the peach one.

It is a true peach when swatched and is not overly glittery. The micro-sparkles in the blush lend a very nice glow to the entire look without being over the top and without a need for a separate highlighter. It’s one of my favourite go-to blush as it applies sheer and is highly buildable for more intensity.

Ok, just wanna rant! I lost my trusty (almost new, ok maybe 1/4 used) UD 24/7 Black Liner. IN my house. Luckily I have Milani Liquif’eye to fall back on, it is quite a dupe (if not better) than UD in my opinion. I will do a full review on this new find soon 😀


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  1. The Muji blusher looks so good! You and July is like raving about it right now. I’m so tempted! But it is so Ettuasis alike, I not sure if I wanna get it thou!! 😦

  2. Babe, I saw the Milani Liquif’eye liner being used in a couple of tutorials, is it THAT fantastic? I have a watery eyeline so most liners will just smudge on me 😦

  3. I have worn it once only so far and Im really loving it because it STAYS ON until you use a MU remover on it. It is better than UD in my opinion because UD smudges when I use it to line my upper lash lines though it stays on well on my waterline. Milani works for both lash lines and waterlines so if you are looking for a cheaper alt, get the Milani 😛

  4. btw i love the way u layer ur falsies!! v nice!!!

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