Received some China Glaze nail polishes from NailVibe a few days ago… A result of my obsession with pastel colours 😛 Was in a foul mood earlier on but after swatching these, my mood had turned for the better.

Well, what’s not to love about candy-coloured nail polishes?? 😛

Re-Fresh Mint:

This applies better than expected, like most pastels, it’s slightly streaky but 2 coats are sufficient for opaque coverage. It’s a true minty green in real life but my camera seemed to pull a lot more blue.

Something Sweet:

A baby pink creme. The formula for this is a little problematic, it was not only streaky but thick so it left quite a lot of bald spots upon the first two coats. The third coat managed to even everything out but on larger nails (like thumb nails) I think 4 coats are needed for even coverage.

Lemon Fizz:

Bright lovely yellow! This went on surprisingly well! 2 coats, very even coverage with some streaks but not very noticeable unless you look closely. Quite happy with this yellow, it reminds me of lemonade! And I really think the name of the polish is cute 😛

OPI Rumple’s Wiggin:

OPI has the best application amongst all. It goes on smoothest and has the most even coverage. 2 coats.

The colours look awesome together! 😀 Excuse the bad application skills, I am not usually a fan of pastels and I doubt I’m gonna keep them on my nails for long 😛 I actually really prefer vampy and dark colours or bright reds so… I guess I won’t be purchasing any more in future.


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