NOTD: LA Girl Addict – Obsess

Spotted this lonely bottle at JL and I couldn’t resist picking it up because the colour is so gorgeous. It’s a teal creme with slight golden shimmer that’s noticeable only if you look closely but they are definitely there.

It took me a few tries to master the application of this polish because it is.. How should I say this? Hmm, when it is not fully dried, and if you bump it accidentally (like pull against the polish), the polish comes off in a rubbery latex kinda texture. This doesn’t happen to any of the other LA Girls nail lacquer that I’d used so this was quite awkward.

And this leaves you with smurfy nails. It stains like mad even when I use my base coat 😦 And it stains no matter how many layers of base coat you apply.

Ok, so I finally tried this out again yesterday and I did it slow and steady, letting each coat dry before applying the second and top coat. Now that works, because the application is perfect 🙂

LA Girls Addict – Obsess (2 coats + Poshe Top Coat):

Now once you get the hang of it, the application is really quite flawless. It shows up more blue in the screen but it is actually teal in real life.

How can anyone resist such a cute pop of colour? 🙂 Removal is easy too, it comes off easily in that rubbery texture I was talking about so you can just pull/rub it off with a cotton pad and lacquer remover.


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  1. this is a fun color! something i dont see/use often 🙂

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