I Dream of St Thomas

I am not a hard-core NYX fan. When NYX first started getting popular on MUA and Specktra, I was the first to run out and make orders for their round lipsticks, loose pigments and eyeshadow singles which were said to be dupes for many of MAC eyeshadow singles.

However over time I grew to dislike them (for some forgotten reason), and I gave them all away… Until recently I’m back to trying out NYX since  their quality seems to be getting better.

I picked out the NYX I Dream of St Thomas palette at Smoochiezz because it looks like nothing I’ve owned.

The pigmentation is amazing and the powder is smooth beyond words. These are swatched heavily without a base.

Did an extremely quick look using the charcoal grey, the ecru shade and the minty green.

I wish I had skipped the charcoal grey shade altogether because I think the green would have looked so much better on its own 🙂

I used Bobbi Brown’s Rose Shimmerbrick for this look:

I’ve had mine for years and it’s still as pretty and pigmented as ever.

I love the sheen it gives! However, it has a tendency to emphasise pores so people with oily skin should be careful with this. Otherwise, this makes the perfect rose-pink blush 🙂


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  1. the bobbi brown shimmer brick looks pigmented!! is the glitter in it chunky O_O?

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