Barely-there make up!

I did a very simple neutral look today for a luncheon with my family using Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BR3. The sun was almost setting when I got home and basically the lighting really sucked 😦


The pictures were actually digitally enhanced for the colours to show up. Somehow the camera + lighting had managed to completely wash out the eye colours 😦

It is really quite a subtle, barely-there eye makeup using mostly browns and a black eye liner. I used brown eyeliner for my lower lash line and waterline though to give a look that is less harsh.

Products used:

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BR-3:

Swatched in natural light

Yesterday I did a look using Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmerbrick, so today I paired this eye look with Bobbi Brown Apricot Shimmerbrick which is one of my absolute favourite blush!

This was a heavy swatch in natural light, it really doesn’t show up so orangey in real life.

I think this picture shows the glowy sheen best:

Click on image to see the delicate shimmer of BB Apricot Shimmerbrick 😀

It is really more of a tinted highlight rather than a blush for me, because the more colour you pack on, the more sheen it’d give. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you are residing in a cold country, but here, it’s always humid so I tend to oil up easily. Too much ‘glow’ tends to make me look like an oil slick at the end of the day.


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