Kate Dual Carat Eyes + Shu Uemura Blush M Pink 33C

Haven’t been posting any FOTDs recently because I’ve been so damn busy preparing for my exams and hardly went out 😦

I might have to wean off blogging for a while because of 2 other papers coming up till mid-May.

We’ll see how it goes!


I have been wearing the same old pair of falsies so pardon me if they look worn out and old at the band. It’s tough to clean those areas 😛

Products Used:

The Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation is an “old flame”. I had left it at SO’s house and JUST recently got it back because it was seriously under-used. It’s good for oily skins I suppose because I find it slightly too mattifying for me.

Kanebo Kate Dual Carat Eyes BR-3:

The Dual Carat Eyes are from Kate and they have since been discontinued. I think it’s a real pity because these are superduper shimmery and pigmented. It isn’t as fine as other high-end Japanese eyeshadows but still, it’s good value for the money paid.

See how sparkly it is? The brown shade has colorful glitter flakes in it and the highlighting creamy-white shade is nice and frosty.  Just the way I like my highlighters to be 😛

On my cheeks, I used the Shu Uemura Powder Blush in M Pink 33C. It’s super old. One of my first blushers I think.

It’s a pale pink with a hint of mauvish undertones to it.

See how it just shows up as pink on my cheeks? It’s hard to overdo this blush, I had to swipe a gazillion times for it to show up in the camera because it is SO SHEER.  It’s pretty though, very natural for daily looks and whatnots.

This could be my last FOTD for a long time, till then!


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  1. Hey babe, are you using the WonderEyelid tape ? Or what brand is that fibre tape you’re using?

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