DIY Nude Nails

I’ve decided to go on and DIY a nude nail colour after failure to find a suitable one. This idea is credited to Pursebuzz as I decided to do this only after watching her video.

What you will need:

1. Clear Polish (any brands will do, I used a cheap one from Elianto)

2. Mineral Foundation (can be a shade that doesn’t suit you)

3. Paper towels

4. Clean dish (I recycled a screw-top cap  from a sample jar)

5. Fast-drying Top Coat (or any normal top coat will do)

I chose this mineral foundation  from Everyday Minerals in Winged Butter. The undertone is perfect and matches my neck but the colour itself is too dark.

Step 1: Decant some mineral foundation onto a clean surface or dish

Excuse the stained bare nails!!

Step 2: Mix in some clear polish and create a coloured mixture.

It is important to keep adding clear polish to the powder to smoothen out the texture, otherwise it will be clumpy and powdery bits will stick to the nail. I learnt it the hard way and had to keep re-dipping the brush in polish in order to achieve a consistency that allows me to properly paint my nails.

No pictures were taken when I was working to achieve the right consistency because it took me a few tries and time was of the essence when it comes to this. I had to work quite quickly otherwise the polish tends to clump on the dish, making it harder to work with.

End Result:

Besides the fact that the colour is atrociously off, the coats were thick, goopy and uneven because I couldn’t guage how much polish to mix on to the dish. It took me a few tries before I could accurately estimate the “right” consistency. The polish looked far better on my right hand but no pictures because I’m too much of a klutz to hold the camera steady on my left hand.

I had on like 5 coats of clear polish to even out the texture so it looks REALLY thick. But hey, at least the application looks rather even.

Hate the colour though. I might try it with a different shade next time.


It removed ok like a regular cream polish so that’s great. If anyone had tried this too, or have any recommendations on what mineral powders are good to use, let me know!


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know we can DIY nail polish! I’d like to try it too, maybe with a blush colour instead cause I’ve been looking for the perfect pink nail polish. Maybe you can try mixing together a few different mineral foundations?

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