Misa: Sugar Daddy

I collected my Misa nail varnishes from a spree organizer today and the first thing I did was to change my nail colour!

Misa Sugar Daddy

5 coats:

All the sparkly goodness in the bottle:

Images are all clickable to view this awesome polish in its full glory.

This is from the Sugar Sugar collection where every polish is filled with glitters and are almost sheer. Sugar Daddy comes in a milky off-white base with plenty of fine silver shimmers. Application was fantastic, it was smooth and the glitters were even on the first coat, no clumps nor patchiness as with some glitter polishes. The shimmers were super fine. I wanted an opaque finish so I kept on layering until the coverage was perfect.

The brush included is firmer than Color Club’s, slightly wider and is a breeze to use.

This colour is really love at first sight for me. On my nails, it’s a creamy off-white that looks really delicate yet not stark. A lovely polish indeed and everyone should own one of this because it is THAT pretty. I am contemplating getting a back up already because I am so worried that it will be discontinued. This is a colour that takes one from work to play as it is polished enough for work yet fun enough for play.  I LOVELOVELOVE IT. I love colours like this, and usually I’d go for cremes but cremes tend to be streaky and hellish to apply. This is fantastic stuff. I need to buy backups because I can foresee myself wearing this very very often. Ok I know Im rambling so I will stop. Please go and order this if you haven’t. It looks great. Great is an understatement.

Thumbs up for Misa!


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