ZOYA Edyta

Color Family: Greens

Finish: Cream

Intensity: 5 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Wicked

You can see the flashes of green and gold here:

Zoya Edyta (3 coats):

As always, images are clickable to see these polishes in their full glory! I had gotten this from Caryn when I saw her sales post on LJ. Very fast and fuss-free transaction, highly recommended!

I had actually thought this was charcoal or grey but it turned out looking more green. In real life it’s really a dark blackened green with a lot of gold shimmers in it. It also gives a slight foil-ish finish and that’s perhaps why it’s so easy to apply and the formula is awesome. It’s an interesting color, you see some flashes of black when you tilt your fingers in some angles.

Nonetheless, I really like this one because of the fantastic formula. I had applied 3 coats for TOTAL opacity and this time “total opacity” means you can’t even see your nail tips/whites when you put a backlight behind your fingers. 2 coats should suffice but I used 3 just for sure.

I have an issue combining ZOYA polishes with Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coats since I ran out of Poshe (Poshe is great with Zoya but causes tip wear even on the same day). With Sally Hansen, I get patches on my tips that dries down to a matte finish (like wtf) even if my base colour is dry to the touch. I put on this polish last night and only put on top coat this morning and it’s fine.

I have this problem even with my LA Girl and China Glazes polishes so I don’t know who’s the culprit. My Sally Hansen used to work fine, and it still is very compatible with OPI now.


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