Gipsy Scarlet Clothes Review

I just received a package a few nights ago from Gipsy Scarlet after months of not buying from local blogshops. Gipsy Scarlet and I go back a long way, I had seen them progressing from an LJ site to a dotcom and I’m so happy for them. They are prompt and quick in processing my orders and mail them out efficiently. Thumbs up for everything 😉

Cadence Tiered Top:

It is made of chiffon and mesh tiers with little polka dot details on the mesh layers which add an interesting twist to the outfit. I like how it looks on me, it’s a perfect top for school or casual dates.

Open Front Draped Cardigan:

I wore this immediately for my exam on Wed to help keep me warm in the cold exam hall. I like the versatility of this piece as I can wear it open-front or tie a knot using the draped hems to turn it into a cropped piece. It goes well with shorts or jeans too. Major love!

Looking back on my earlier clothes review (not on this blog of course), I realised I had put on weight especially around my thighs. SIGH. Woe is me.


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