UD Alice in Wonderland Neutral Look

Wore this for my last paper yesterday before heading out for movie + dinner date 🙂 I used UD Alice in Wonderland palette, colours used are a mix of Mushroom & Vorpal and a tiny bit of Jabberwocky in the crease. To reduce the sheen and glitter, I used MAC Shroom eyeshadow as a base and highlight instead of White Rabbit from the palette.

L-R: MAC Shroom, Mushroom, Vorpal, Jabberwocky


I look super pink, it must be the sun and heat 😦

As for blush I used a Nature Republic Blossom Cheeks in #01

It is a very nice peachy flush of colour without over-doing the look I was going for. It’s not so good going to school with heavy eye makeup PLUS heavily flushed cheeks hahaha.

Oh I just have to rant about the weather lately, it’s MADNESSSSSS. Im literally hiding in air-conditioned room everyday and I’m one who is super scared of the cold. Imagine setting my room temperature at 21deg everynight and I still wake up perspiring. I’m pretty glad it just rained today though as it makes the morning cool and comfortable. But pleaseeee make the heatwave go away!!


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  1. Wow I love the smoky eye look! I’m really bad at makeup :/

    And YES… the weather is ridiculous these few days! I don’t have an aircon in my room and I had to switch my fan to full blast! Luckily it rained abit this morning haha!

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