Sara was described by Zoya as “pearls of dark fuchsia, red-violet, and ruby tones in a bright sparkle finish”, which made it sound like something right up my alley!

The description was fairly accurate, but I don’t see much of the dark fuchsia unless I look closely or under certain lights but they are definitely there.

Zoya Sara (2 coats):

With Flash:

Under the sun:

Color Family: Reds

Finish: Metallic

Intensity: 5 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Flame

From the bottle, you can see a copper/fuchsia duochrome mixture but they aren’t visible on the nail. This is so well pigmented and easy to apply, I applied this in semi-darkness and I managed to keep the polish within the lines all thanks to the smooth formula and tiny brush. The brush is really fantastic, some people complain that it is too thin and small but I personally find it small yet firm enough to be springy and to deposit enough colour at once.

This does not appear like a common red, in fact it looks a little more magenta/fuchsia under artificial lights and is really pretty against asian skin 🙂 As such I won’t classify this as a red but more of a hot pink-red.


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