OPI Extra-va-vaganza

Super sparkly and blinged up nails using OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza (3 coats) from the OPI Burlesque Collection 2010! I got this alongside with Bring On the Bling which I totally love.

Extra-va-vaganza is like the colour of rose-gold. It looks like melted rose-gold on my finger tips. I love looking at this under store lighting ie. at jewellery stores with their powerful spotlights. It made the polish SO SPARKLY I couldn’t stop staring.

The formula was typical for all glitters, what I like about the Burlesque glitters are that they are not thick nor goopy making it a breeze to apply. It took me 3 coats to achieve opacity but as with all glitters, it took me some effort to remove them. But trust me, the effort is worth it 😉


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  1. Hey prettyseagle, thanks for your beauty posts, hope to see you more! 🙂

    i was from cozycot too but i didn’t really go there these days after they have changed their site structure, it seems not to be so “cozy” anymore..used to love how everyone talk and share on makeup but now it’s quiet..a lot of veterans are leaving. sad..anyway, so glad to know this is your blog after i found from another cotter friends link. so, hi to you and stay pretty forever! 🙂

    love love
    Sweet Jan

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