OPI Pamplona Purple

A few unfortunate things happened over the past few days.. I got sick with flu, cough and fever despite the heatwave and yesterday I broke a nail. 😦 My nails are down to tiny little stubs now and that’s not even all. There’s a break on my right thumb halfway down my nail bed, which I know is going to take a long time to grow out of 😦

My parents had also decided to carry out some renovation and painting and I tell you, the fumes from the lacquer and thinner are unbearable!

Anyway. I collected OPI Pamplona Purple last week but hadn’t had a chance to use it but I managed to put it on yester-night after my fever had subsided.

OPI Pamplona Purple (2coats):

See how short and stumpy they are now. It’s time to break out the dark vampy colours.

Another winner from OPI although I had experienced a lot of bubbling with this polish on my first try but it could be due to too much shaking. It is a super creamy medium-dark purple creme which looks outstanding against many skin tones. I got this because it was said to be a Zoya Demi dupe. I much prefer the prowide brush from OPI and they are cheaper to get so I passed up on Zoya.


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  1. I’m loving this color, I have to say! I’m in a purple phase!

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