Swatch & Review: Orly Galaxy Girl + PA AA04

The nail on my index finger broke more than halfway down my nail bed, and being the absolute perfectionist I am, I decided to trim all my nails the furthest they could go without hurting. 😦

I am so annoyed by how easily my nails split and peel and they hardly grow beyond 5mm from my nail bed. Sigh. What I managed to do now is to use a nail glue on my nail to hold the split together… While I patiently grow it out.

Decided to use a sparkly polish to help make myself feel better anyway!

My nails are so stubby now 😦

Orly Galaxy Girl on her own:

This was 3 coats of Orly + 2 coats of PA. Both are a dream to apply, the PA flakies are a little harder to put on though as compared to the previous one which I had worn here. It looked really “galaxy-like” though and reminds me of the starry midnight sky 🙂

Orly Galaxy Girl on its own, is a lovely duochrome that flashes blue and brown depending on the lighting. The application is awesome but the first two coats can be pretty sheer.


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