The sky is the limit with NUBAR 2010!

Nubar 2010 was created to celebrate and commemorate Nubar’s 10th anniversary of ten years of creating safe and innovative nail lacquers free of DBP (phthalate), formaldehyde, and toluene.  This fantastic shade consists of flakes of reflective glitter in a  polychromatic base, and displays its many shades when worn alone as a sheer polish or layered over other nubar nail lacquers for a dramatic effect. 

It is truly an astounding polish containing flakies that appear as fiery orange, green or gold depending on the light hitting it. You can layer it over any polishes (whether dark or light) and it adds dimension to different colours.

OPI Pamplona Purple (2 coats) + Nubar 2010 (2 coats):

This is truly an astounding polish and adds a uniqueness to any boring creme polish. I’ve been trying to get Nfu-Oh flakies for the longest time ever but they are so expensive and HTF in Singapore. Nubar 2010 is the closest flakie polish I can get. The flakies distribute easily and evenly and instantly transforms a polish. It is super pretty especially in sunlight ;0)


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  1. Awesome polish! I have wanted to get this for the longest time but it’s not available when my friends go overseas, and it’s to HTF..!

  2. OMG, thanks for sharing! I emailed her and I hope to get my hands on it too!

  3. miss Elain-nio

    Hello Dear, I found Nubar! USD7.49 on Gmarket… *phew after a long search ^^

  4. its gorgeous!!! I just ordered mine from that website! 😀 thanks for sharing!

  5. nu BRA~ i just hv to disturb u lol

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