Review: Shiseido Maquillage Lasting Stick UV Foundation

This is a quick review + how-to on the Shiseido Maquillage Lasting Stick UV Foundation. I got this in OC10 which corresponds to the Lasting Liquid UV Foundation.

It resembles a fat lipstick, complete with a cap and twist-up tube. The packaging is sleek and practical, making it a perfect travel companion. The only downside is that the metal tube is a fingerprint and dirt magnet. I end up having to clean it constantly after use. Packaging aside, it houses 11g of solid product and it was going for S$76 at all Shiseido counters.

Please exit my blog if you are squeamish about bare-faced pictures.

Without base makeup (only sunblock):

I know I look horrid with all the angry pimples on my forehead, broken capillaries around the nose and post-acne scars on my chin. Im constantly battling redness because of my sensitivity, so I like to go for heavy-duty concealers + foundations.

The only problem with high-coverage base makeup is that they tend to be cakey and unnatural on the face, which makes finding a good one very hard. I bought the Lasting Stick UV Foundation on a whim without even checking websites for reviews and boy, am I surprised!

It’s super easy to apply. Just swipe on, blend with fingers and you are pretty much done!

I know I look plain retarded, but please do not laugh. I merely swiped it on haphazardly and blended it out with fingers. There was no drag on the skin really. It glided on like melting butter and the warmth from my fingers blended the foundation to perfection.

Coverage is buildable, I like to swipe on more foundation on areas where I need more coverage. For areas which are hard to reach with the fat stick, ie. around the nose, simply rub your finger over the top of the stick to get some foundation on it. Then apply and blend as per usual. I do this until all my imperfections (aka redness, scars etc) are concealed.

It sounds thick and heavy. But trust me, it isn’t. You can hardly feel a thing. It doesn’t feel like a mask nor is it sticky or greasy. It does not give me blotches too.

Ever. At all. Throughout the day.

After blending, you see a semi-matte finish. Any dewiness you see is due to my Amazing Cosmetics Concealer (which I only applied on my undereyes).

You can tell how improved my complexion looks without all that hot cakey mess. The best thing is, this foundation LASTS and LASTS. I have the Lasting Liquid UV as well, which is a liquid-cream foundation but that one is so disappointing because it is not sweat-resistant and wipes off easily when I dab tissues on my face.

The Lasting Stick UV Foundation is the exact opposite. I can wear this for almost 9 hours straight without the need to powder or touch up. It is that amazing. It is also great at oil control because my T-zone stays matte all day long. I do not have major issues with oiling, but I do share the same concerns about oxidation, sebum going into overdrive in the humid weather, longevity of the foundation etc.

Anyway. The Shiseido SA told me that you can skip loose / pressed powder if you want a more dewy look but I always like to use powder to set the makeup. It feels “incomplete” otherwise.

The shade OC10 was a tad too dark and yellow for me so I used SANA Maikohan Pressed Powder to set as the latter is white-ish and helped neutralize the dark foundation.

You see how flawless my base makeup looks now? LOL! This is one of the best foundations I have tried so far, definitely an all-round winner. I did my makeup using this stick foundation for consecutively a week and a half now… And that’s saying a lot considering the fact that I have like… quite a lot of foundations to rotate with?

Walk… No, run to the nearest Shiseido counter to get your shade matched for this. It is a fantastic foundation and I think every self-declared foundation junkie should get her hands on one of these 😉


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  1. I have this foundation in liquid form, I love it and it truly lasts a whole day on me without oxidizing.
    Btw you don’t need any foundation, your bare face is flawless 🙂

    • You are very kind, Rei! The liquid one didn’t quite work for me unfortunately because it couldn’t withstand the humidity here. Glad that you are loving it though 😉

  2. wow~ this stick foundation sound so amazing! is it drying around the nose area? i hv probs applying foundations esp those lasting type which emphasize dryness.

    n i agree w u on their lasting liquid uv. its totally nt sweat resisting n i only apply it when im sure that i’ll b in air-conditioned places.

    tempting leh… *stares @ my stash of foundations*

  3. this foundation looks absolutely fab on you! (though your bare skin is already pretty much perfect)

    and i think i’ve bought stuff from you on cozycot before! met up at jurong east mrt station i think!

  4. miss Elain-nio

    Dear,thanks for the great review!!! yes, the liquid foundation is dewy but melts on me too 😦

  5. I’ve been making an effort to use this for the past 2 days after reading this post! I neglected it for too long haha

  6. Ohh!! Glad I found your review :)) Thanks for this! Ive been wanting this for a while.. now i know i need to get this! lol!
    Does this leave white cast of pictures? cause im thinking to wear this on friend’s wedding day 😀 dont want my face look like casper or something hehe!

    • Hi Steph!
      I have not worn this under flash photography so I can’t vouch. This has spf however, and products with spf tends to show up as a white cast under flash photography. I’d recommend you to try something without spf if you are planning on taking a lot of pictures 🙂

  7. Oh okies! Thank you for the tips! 😀

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