First Zoya CP!

Some hauling is in place! Managed to find a supplier in Singapore who carries Zoya and sells them at bulk prices. It was a super attractive deal!

Our consolidated orders:

Sigh. Seeing them in real life makes me want to buy more. Seriously, no one is able to do sparkly or shimmery polishes like Zoya. These polishes look way prettier in real life.

My order:

My sis ordered Crystal and Freja (not pictured). They are super pretty too! Especially Crystal… Which I made her wear almost immediately:

Sorry the pictures are in flash. It’s late at night and there aren’t enough light to take non-flash pictures without the graininess.

Zoya Crystal is described as a”Light, silvered shiny blue metallic foil with sparks of brilliant yellow gold”. It is super foil-ish and looks silver under room lights. It’s pretty though but a little too “icy” for my liking. I like my polishes to be either super vibrant or vampy. The golden flakes look gorgeous suspended in the steel blue base… And it looks way too amazing in the bottle.

Reviews coming up for some of the new Zoyas I had gotten so stay tuned ;)I know I said I broke my nails and I had sworn off polish until they grow out but… I cannot wait. I now have Angel on my nails heehee 😉


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  1. I look forward to your upcoming zoya reviews. Do you think Zoya is better than OPI or Essie?
    I have been eyeing zoya polishes a while…haven’t bought any yet..

    • Hmm, that’s a tough one. I have not tried many zoya creams (only Shawn) and so far Im very impressed. OPI tends to be thick and goopy depending on colour but Zoya’s formula is always spot-on (except for Indigo which was goopy as hell). I also prefer Zoyas brushes because they are smaller and fits asian nails very well. They also have a “spring” (like toing toing) to them so it makes application very easy. I find that I have a lot of trouble applying cremes or vampies with OPI’s Prowide brush because the brush tends to flood my cuticles with polish since it’s so wide. This happens occasionally but it’s frequent enough for me to reach more for my Zoyas rather than OPI.

      Zoyas also make fabulous shimmer polishes ie. edyta, crystal, gloria, gilda, sarah, lisa, charla just to name a few. I’ve never seen anything like that and it’s sad to say that OPI cannot hold a candle to them in terms of doing shimmers. OPI has a wider colour range though.

      A problem with Zoya is that I find I experience a lot of shrinkage with my regular top coats ie Seche Vite (which I hate because it thickens SO FAST), Poshe (will see shrinkage at the cuticles/tips on 3rd day) & my Sally Hansens top coat leave a cloudy film on the polish even if I let them dry fully overnight and I have no idea why this is so. Digressing a little, Sally Hansen Extended Wear TC is so much like Seche but without the shrinkage hehehe! I do not experience such things with OPI and OPI goes well with all my top and base coats.

      Both OPIs and Zoya are good in their own way but if I were to choose, I’d still pick Zoya over OPI because of the ease of application and awesome formula 😉

      I have not used any Essies so am unable to provide my POV 😦

    • You could rectify the shrinkage problem by wrapping your tips with both the polish and the top coat 😀

      And yeah, I totally agree that Zoya has AMAZINGLY DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS foil shimmer polishes 😀

      IMO, Zoya beats OPI and Essie. I do prefer OPI’s pro-wide brushes, but Zoya’s foil shimmer polishes beat OPI hands down :p

      As for Essie – they don’t have many bling polishes either, ‘cos they specialise in reds and pinks. Their brushes are even smaller than Zoya’s, and the formula for some of their polishes is a bit too watery (thus streaky).

      HTH! 😀

  2. That’s a huge haul!!!! I’m lovin’ it! 😀

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