Lunasol Summer 2011

Lunasol had launched their Summer 2011 makeup collection in Japan. I cannot wait for it to be released in Singapore because I am definitely eyeing the palettes!

New items include:
Ocean Scene Eyes (2 new variations)
Eye Pencil N (2 shades)
Full Glamour Liquid Lips (4 new shades)
Coloring Cheeks (1 new variation)
Nail Finish (4 new shades)
Pore Covering Base

Source from lunasol-net

All products from this collection are limited edition and they are definitely going to sell out fast because of that.

Many taiwanese beauty bloggers had put up swatches of the palettes and my lemming is increasing the more I see the pictures 😀

You can view swatches here and here.


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  1. im also looking forward to this collection! their spring collection r disappointing so hopefully, these wont! im lemming for their blusher~

  2. Wahh, thank you for posting the links babe, now after seeing the EX-02 in action, the sleeping lemming is awaken.

    Are you going to get anything from the Summer collection? Or going to save money for the brand’s Fall collection instead? The idea of 8(?) shadows in a quad is tempting heh.

    • I thought the Fall collection looks a little bit blah. Don’t really like the colours offered but I can’t be sure because I need to see it in real life. Im definitely going to get the EX02 from the summer 2011! the neutral palette looks similar to the 283757 ones that I have but… it looks so pretty in pan with the logo motifs and stuff.. :/

      • Hello! See la, I only asked my friend to get EX-01 for me, and the blusher! But EX-02 looks good and now that you’ve said you’re gonna get it, *dies*

        I’m a neutral fiend but I guess stepping outside of my comfort zone wouldn’t hurt, lol. But it will mean buying more things -_-

  3. Thanks for the links 🙂 I already ordered a few e/s palettes without checking out the swatches, I hope they live up to my expectation!

  4. Clicked and saw some swatches, like them! Despite owning so much makeup, I don’t own any from Lunasol. Can’t imagine spending so much $ on eyeshadows, hahaha! So I can only look and lust after them.

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