Swatch & Review: OPI Who The Shrek Are You

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, been so damn busy that I hardly even have time to do makeup in the mornings :/

OPI Who the Shrek Are You is an ugly colour in the bottle and reminds me of baby poop. It is a green with deep yellow undertones.

I know right, the description sounds disgusting. But it is an instant hit in my books. Despite it being a “pastel-y” creme, it went on easily with minimal streaks. I am quite happy with how this colour looks against my skin tone as it adds a pop of colour without being too gaudy. Reminds me of MISA’s Green With Envy (which I do not own) but I had read that it is a complete dupe 😉

Just to digress a little… I feel like I look better with shorter nails. It’s time to file them down but I wish I have more time on my hands!! 😦 Another month to go before I can finally find more time for myself 😦

And to digress a little more, I finally checked out and bought the Lunasol Summer 2011 eyeshadow palettes! Post up tomorrow…. Will try 😛


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  1. i’ve been wanting to see this color on someones nails… it actually looks EXACTLY like i remember shrek (or maybe i have a distorted memory, haha). even though you say that you think the look would go better with short nails, i envy your ability to keep your nails are that length. mine are cut down almost all the time because i break them so easily.

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  2. This has to be my fav colour from the OPI Shrek collection.

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