Lunasol Summer 2011 Haul

Finally managed to check out the Lunasol Summer 2011 Limited Edition Collection yesterday at Takashimaya. Before this I was adamant against getting the neutral palette (EX01 Shelly Ocean) because I have way too many neutrals in my stash (and honestly…. It doesn’t matter if the shades look a teeny weeny bit different, no one I know can tell) 😦

However, after swatching the testers at the counter…. I was sold. Even the SA was telling me that both are worth getting. Right.. There goes my self-imposed ban.

I ended up with these:

Go on and click on the images to see them in full glory.

EX01 Shelly Ocean:

EX02 Vacation Ocean:

Shade application guide for Ocean Scene Eyes:

These are the best palettes I’ve ever bought from Lunasol. Previous collections tend to have shades that are overly glittery which result in terrible fall-outs. Pigmentation was also not that great in the past (well, because Lunasol prizes their eyeshadows on translucency). The previous Ocean Scene Eyes were also not that impressive to me especially when pigmentation is low and lighter shades look indiscernible from one another when swatched (not to mention when applied on the eyes).

The Summer 2011 collection (LE) however, impressed me with the softest feel of the eyeshadows. They literally melt away under my touch, transforming from a creamy-buttery texture into powder. Pigmentation was fantastic, it took no more than one medium-weight swatch for colour to show up intensely on my arm. Glitters were also tiny and fine, coming off as a subtle sheen rather than full on glitter bomb.

Swatches will be up in a while… After I am able to get over the lovely alphabetic prints on the eyeshadows. How I wish the letters wouldn’t rub off in one swatch 😦 I nicked the letters on the eyeshadows earlier on when the eye shadow sponge rolled against the powder.

I also received an Impress IC skincare GWP with every $150 purchase:

According to Kanebo, Impress IC is a subrange of the high-end Impress range and focuses on high whitening and moisturizing performance.

It includes Brightening Make Off 20ml(cleansing oil), Brightening Wash 20g, White Lotion 1 30ml, White Emulsion 1 30ml and White Cream Returnergy 10g. Quite a worthwhile GWP I would say.


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  1. i went to swatch the palettes n blusher today!! shell ocean is really really gorgeous!!! skipping the blusher cos its way to sheer. nw i just hope that metro will launch this b4 their 20% sales end of this mth!!

  2. Now you really made me wanting to have these palettes! The texture sound amazing..I passed it up because I have countless neutral palettes in my stash..
    Have you seen the lunasal fall collection..I am totally drooling over them..
    I can’t believe there is no Giorgio Armani in Singapore….I remember I bought GA at the SG airport a long time ago! Let me know if you want me to do a CP for you..but then GA is sooooooooo overpriced in Australia compared to the States.

    • There used to be GA but I think they pulled out some time ago 😦 Decided to get one lippie through a Nordstrom spree, I hate how overpriced cosmetics are in Aus too! 😦

      Lunasol Fall Collection looks a little blah to me, Im just not a fan of having so many neutrals in one collection! I might change my mind when it comes to swatching them and I can’t wait when they arrive on our shores. For now… I am considering skipping the entire collection altogether but we’d never know… 😛

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the lovely pictures. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to pick up at least one of the palette and perhaps the blush palette too 🙂

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