Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes EX02 – Vacation Ocean (水景限量 – 蓝色心情)

I promised that swatches will be up soon. Had time today so I decided to do an EOTD with the Lunasol’s Summer 2011 eye shadow palette in EX02 Vacation Ocean. This is more of a blue semi-smokey night look… But I think the palette is versatile enough to do a turquoise/sea-blue day look.

What I had used:

MAC BP – Oh So Fair, Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes – EXo2

The letters disappeared with a light swipe 😦 I had used my fingers to apply the shimmery white highlight so the letters were all gone on that quadrant. The rest were more or less still intact because I was trying to use the sides without touching the letters >.<

Swatch taken in natural light:

The light blue shade is interesting – it looks baby blue under regular room light and turquoise in sunlight 😉

I also dropped by Watsons earlier on and got the most expensive eyelash curler in my life – The Koji Curving Eyelash Curler:

What’s inside the package:

Close up of curler:

Comes with this nifty protective case to keep the eyelash curler (Wish it came in pink):

I don’t know what possessed me to pay $33.90 for an eyelash curler…. *cries*


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  1. Firstly, great LOTD! And then, wow that’s really an ex eyelash curler! But well if it works for you, it’s great hahaha!

  2. Pretty eagle, you do blue eye shadows really well. Another gorgeous fotd.

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