Swatch & Review: Perfectly Nude with ZOYA Melodie

Zoya Melodie is one of my greatest finds in 2011. This is the nude I have been looking for all my life. It didn’t give me corpse-y fingers and contained just the right balance of beige and pink to give a really pretty neutral look. I am very glad I picked this up and according to my supplier, it is now (unfortunately) OOS and would probably not come in anymore. However if you do come across this, and you need a neutral polish for work… This is fabulous.

Color Family: Neutrals

Finish: Metallic

Intensity: 3 (1=Sheer – 5=Opaque)

Tone: Cool

Zoya Melodie (3 coats):

Sorry about the picture spam. It’s really too pretty and I can’t resist snapping more pictures just for the sake of it.

Two coats would have sufficed, this went on more pigmented than I had expected. As you know I’m fairly impatient and this resulted in alot of bald spots so I had to use a 3rd coat. No streakiness too and was easy peasy to work with. Wears like iron with Armor Top Coat too, and to speed up the drying process I used Poshe Top Coat over it.

It’s been almost 24 hours and I don’t even spot any sign of wear and tear though I’ve been using my hands a fair bit today.

I’m really not trying to act cute here, but see how the nail colour complements my skintone?


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  1. This is really a pretty nude colour! Like the silver shimmers so that the nude colour is not boring on its own 🙂 A pity it’s no longer available with your supplier.

  2. miss Elain-nio

    it’s very nice! But discontinued… 😦

  3. LOVE this shade! I am going to hunt this baby down at any cost!

  4. hi can i know where you get your zoyas? they’re so hard to find in sg :/

    • Hi Bernice,

      I get them from a local regular supplier (check out previous posts) but you can also order them from thedevilsheaven as they are having a promotion now for Zoyas and Estessimo Tins 😉

  5. omggg this one is niceeee looks good for work! i waaant!!! your supplier don’t have it anymore??? :(:(:(

  6. :O this is so pretty! really does match your skintone very well (:

    and the lunasol ocean eyes palette looks fab!

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