OPI Big Hair…Big Nails

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails is an orange that is leaning towards tomato-red. Sounds like a coral eh? Under room lighting it leans towards more of a red on me, but it’s a different story in the day time with natural light filtering in from my windows 🙂

I’ve been neglecting my OPIs so much lately 😦

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails (3 coats):

Loving the squishy-goodness

Big Hair… Big Nails was released with the OPI Texas Collection and was part of the new “sorbet” finishes that OPI came up with. The last picture was taken in front of a direct sunlight so you can see the orange-y undertones of the polish. It’s also quite sheer at 3 coats but that’s to be expected of jellies. I find the formula and coverage much better than Houston We Have A Purple which I reviewed here. I was hoping for something more orange-y but this one would do well too…


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  1. I can’t see a nail line in your photos, but could you see one in real life? I had VNL after 4 coats, so don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or just have really…. visible? nails!

    • There is a very faint VNL on my ring finger, not sure if you can see that! It is actually non-visible in real life but if you put your fingers up against a light source you can see the nail tips (hope you understand what I’m saying) LOL. Did you try layering the jelly over a white polish? I’ve read that that helps 😉

  2. Yes, I get you! I’ll try layering – I like the jelly look but realistically 4+ coats is just too many!

  3. Oohh, my friend wanted to get this the other day when we were at PNC, but it looked like it would turn out sheer and VNL would be obvious. Glad that it isn’t, I’ll let her know, thanks for this post! Hahaha, how timely since we are going again tmr.

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