Swatch & Review: Going Pink with Sinful Colors Glass Pink

Just a very casual pink look complete with pink nails for Ruo Xuan’s birthday last Friday 😉

With Flash:

When I first opened the bottle of Sinful Colors nail lacquer, the first thing I thought of was “Whoa what a huge opening!” LOL. Anyway. Glass Pink is a glittery polish with silver shimmers suspended in a baby pink jelly base. It took me four coats to achieve the colour on my nails and I apologize for the smudged nails + tip wear.. I was too impatient to wait for them to dry fully even with Poshe Top Coat on (FOUR COATS, seriously?) so I went about on my errands and got them all smudge-y. 😦

Despite the sheer-ness, this is a sweet colour to wear on the tips without being too girly. It is also sheer enough to be worn as a shimmer top coat and two coats would suffice to distribute the silver glitters evenly on the nails.

Wore Lunasol Summer Gradation Pink EX02 from Kanebo Lunasol Summer Collection 2009:

I had applied the pink shadow all over the eye lids with the dark plummy-brown as a powdered liner. It’s a lovely quad to own but the pink made me feel like my eyes look a little swollen 😦


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  1. Haha i see that you picked up Sinful! What other colours did you get?

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