Swatch: OPI My Private Jet + Nubar 2010

MPJ is a stunning polish, and I thought I’d just amp it up with a little bit of Nubar 2010! Whenever I use Nubar 2010, I think of ladeekim because I’ve never met anyone who is so passionate about Nubar LOL!

holy shizzzzzzz

reminds me of a reptile

This is just one coat of Nubar 2010 over 2 coats of OPI MPJ. It seems to transform the base color of MPJ from a charcoal-grey to a plummy-brown. I have no top coat on it but it’s recommended because you can see that the polish dries slightly matte.


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  1. LOL! I really am in love with flakies! I just bought a new one from inglot, gonna get my hands on it tonight. I’ve not layered it over a shimmery polish, only creme polishes. It looks really good over MPJ too. Hell, I think 2010 will look good over any colour!

  2. miss Elain-nio

    Very Nice!!!! love the Nubar 2010 over The Private Jet!
    it has like flecks of gold glitter!

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