FOTD: Lunasol Party Coffret 2010

Hi all,
No I’m not dead yet. Been too busy with work recently when I will leave the house early in the morning and come home only after the sun sets. That leaves me with virtually no time to take pictures for my blog.. And what’s blogging without a good set of pictures? 😉

Just a quick FOTD for today featuring Lunasol Xmas Coffret 2010 palette (Sheer Gold Beige Brown) and my newest conquest… The NARS Orgasm Powder Blush.

This is such a beautiful quint. The finish of these shadows are amazing.

Natural Light

Direct Sunlight

The colours look repetitive and blah, but the beautiful metallic finish and clean translucency of these shadows are to die for.

I completed my eye makeup with a MAC Pearlglide liner in Black Line which is blackened green with gold/coppery flecks. Super pretty!

with flash

My sister went to HK recently and I got her to pick up NARS Deep Throat for me and she ended up getting both NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat! I remember buying Orgasm a few years back when it was all hyped up on Youtube/beauty blogs/forums etc but I recall it was a total major fail for me. Ended up swapping it away for something else… And now it’s a good SIX years already.

Sigh. I ended up loving this blush to death and have been wearing it on my cheeks for consecutively SEVEN DAYS.

NARS Orgasm:

NARS Orgasm is a peachy pink blush, really more pink than peach with glorious golden flecks in it. People who hate shimmer will hate this because the shimmer bits are quiteeee chunky. Unlike other NARS blush, Orgasm can be a little sheer. This is perfect for me because I’m not the type of person who spends 15 minutes each day buffing out and blending harsh blush lines. In fact, the sheerer the better, at least I know I can build up the opacity with more layers.

Despite the sheerness, it lasts forever on me. The record was 12 hours without touch ups and at the end of the day the blush was still visible (faint but visible) on my cheeks, complete with the gold sheen and dewy glow.

I never thought I’d say this.. But I’m totally. In. LOVE. Now I know why it is so hyped up in the beauty world. Seriously, give your “regrets” another chance. You’d never know when you’ll end up loving it like never before.

Last face picture. I’m sorry the colour seemed a little washed out in the pictures 😦

Now, there is a reason why it’s called Orgasm.


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  1. Nice quint! Is it from the Aurorized line?
    Is it just me..I noticed that the new orgasm looks slightly different to the old just looks so much better! (based on your picture as well as from other bloggers I have seen ..)
    As usual, your FOTDs are pleasant to look at 🙂

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