Review: Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation #20 Watts

I bought the Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation some time in 2009 during the Luxasia sales and it’s been forgotten in my drawer until recently I was researching on the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and someone compared them both. Then I was thinking, “HEY I have the Stila!!!!”

I still remember it was Hannah who recommended this to me 😛

Anyway. I’ve been starting to use it again ever since school started and over the holidays, I had developed a penchant for light makeup (ie. looking like I’m not wearing anything even though I am). I know liquid foundation is the last thing you’d ever want to put on in the morning when you are rushing for time but the Stila is so quick and convenient to use.

Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation (fond de teint liquid lumineux)

It comes in a sturdy frosted glass bottle that feels very luxurious to the touch. However, the cap is fragile – I had spotted some cracks along the edges when I didn’t even drop it or anything.

pump dispenser

This product has no SPF. Which is fantastic in my opinion as it will be suitable for use with those unstable sunblocks. I’m really not a fan of SPFs in my foundations. Like as if I’m gonna slap on 1 teaspoon of liquid foundation everyday? And besides, SPF in foundations have a tendency to interfere with the stability of our regular sunblocks.

There are very subtle shimmers in the product but are largely invisible to the naked eye… Unless the sun is shining right in your face and/or you are taking pictures using flash.

On me (approx 4 hours of wear):

with flash


No one I asked could tell I had foundation on, and that’s the exact same reason why I love this liquid foundation. It is sheer, light and goes on with the coverage of a tinted moisturizer but better. It makes my skin look nice and smooth without being “made up”. The texture is lovely – liquidy but not runny, almost like very lightweight gel. This dries down to a dewy finish, definitely not matte!  Oil control is average at best, I find myself oiling at around the 2nd hour or so (but it could be due to my sunblock).

My application for this is a little unconventional. I would apply this using fingertips, smoothing out one area before progressing to another and then spray with MAC Fix+ to “fix” the liquid foundation. After drying, it can still be a little tacky so I will go over with a light dusting of MAC MSF Natural to take away some of the stickiness. It’s dewy in nature and I like the glow so I didn’t want to put too much powder on top. It might be possible to wear this LF alone without powdering but I find that it will just slide away to nothing in this tropical heat.

Bear in mind that the coverage for this liquid foundation is meant to be sheer, but coverage is slightly buildable. I usually just wear one layer of this on its own and put on a second layer if I want to look more “made up”.

Buy this if:

This is suitable for people who have dry/relatively clear skin and just need an extra radiance boost. People who are new at makeup and are not ready to put on full foundations as yet will also find this a good investment. Basically this is a good foundation for people who like the natural no-makeup look but are generally uncomfortable with heading out without anything on the face.

Do not buy if:

You will hate this if you’ve been using (AND LOVING) foundations like Revlon Soft Flex, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Covermark (or other full coverage foundations). This might also not be very suitable for oily skins because of the shimmers (tend to make you look oilier than you already are).


SGD63 at Escentials (Tangs Orchard)/30ml

I am still looking forward to checking out Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua though 😛


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  1. What a timely review! I’m going to get samples of the Chanel VLA foundation from a friend tonight and going to test it out before purchasing. The foundie smells so good that I’m having a hard time resisting it, lol.

    Just curious, I own the Fix+ and I use it mainly to spray my eye brushes for a wet application, but your method will allow me to use up the product faster! Are you using it as a facial mist kinda thing?

    Have a good day babe!

    • Really! I heard the Chanel VA smells like lotus flower or something. Yep I use MAC Fix + as a facial mist and refresher. I actually decanted some of it in a small spray bottle so it is convenient to bring around. I like it because it leaves a nice glowy finish on the skin especially when your skin is dehydrated from all the airconditioning 🙂 Love it to bits, it’s a staple and I cannot live without it LOL

  2. hi there! will you be willing to sell the stila foundation in 5g sample jar? 🙂
    it sounds good, as i have dry/combi skin and would like to try before full size purchase.

    please let me know at
    Thank you.


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