Orly Space Cadet

I have been lazy to change my nail colours recently so I have been wearing the ORLY Space Cadet from their Cosmic FX Collection for the past 3 days already.

This is such an awesome multi-chrome foil. It looks different in every angle and different lighting, so much so that I cannot be sure what the colour exactly is.

natural light

super pretty multi-chrome!

direct sunlight

this shows the gold/green/copper

close up

how it looks like most of the time

Sparkles, shimmers, duo chromes, glass flecks and foil finish, what is there not to love? This is such a chameleon, it never truly appears in one shade. Everytime I peer at my fingertips I spot a new flash of colour. Under room lights, I see obvious magenta shimmers and the mauve undertones take a back seat. In sunlight, the copper/green-gold flecks come out to play, taking the nail colour to a new dimension.

Application was good as with all Orly Cosmic FX polishes. This applies terribly sheer though so I took 3 coats to build up opacity. But this does not affect drying time at all. In fact, I am vastly pleased with the drying time of Space Cadet. No doubt, this will be hard to remove with all the glass flecks and shimmers but I tell you, it’s all worth it!


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