Kanebo Sale Haul July 2011

Headed to the Kanebo Sale with HS early this morning. We were both very excited because of Lunasol that will be on sale. Both of us a fanatics of Lunasol palettes and I feel that we’ve indeed came a long way with our passion for Lunasol eyeshadows;)

What I managed to get:

Didn’t buy too much because I’d came to the realization that I am probably hoarding too much makeup.. And that I’ll never finish anything anyway.

Lunasol Watery Oil Cleansing $12

Actually got 3 of the cleansing oils since it’s 1)super cheap 2) I use it everyday to remove sunscreen and makeup 3) it’s good quality but I gave one away.

Note that this is chocked full of mineral oil so probably not very suitable for those who are sensitive or break out from it. This feels a tad oily so people with oily skins should handle with care.

Lunasol Foamy Cream Wash $10

Value for money! A drugstore cleanser can easily set you back by $10 or more, why not get 1 from Lunasol at the same price instead?

Kanebo Impress IC White Emulsion RF $25

Emulsion for combination/oily skins. Tried the one meant for dry/combination skins and it felt too greasy for my liking. Planning on using this in the day so the lighter the better.

Lunasol Gel Eyeliner 05 Brown Red $20

Was actually contemplating between 03 Dark Brown and 05 Brown Red for a nice versatile brown that I can wear for days or nights. 03 Dark Brown is more brown (towards colour of expresso) and less red whereas 05 Brown Red is much redder in tone without being too coppery.

The pigmentation and lasting power is insane. I swatched them and they dried within seconds. Super creamy and long lasting. I know because I tried rubbing them vigorously with a tissue and they did not budge until I used a cleansing oil on them.

Now for the highlight of today’s haul:

Nature Color Eyes #02 Nature Green $35

Nature Color Eyes #01 Nature Blue $35

Star Shower Eyes #05 Close of Night $35

Group pic!

This year’s Kanebo sale was quite comprehensive. Brands include Kate, Freshel, Kanebo, Coffret D’Or and Lunasol. Good variety imo, there were nail polishes, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, blushers, eyeshadows (both singles and palettes), eyeliners etc. Skincare also includes Kanebo Blanchir Superior, Impress IC, Freshel as well as Lunasol.

I find Lunasol skincare super worth it; the quality is tops (love their Morning Awakening Massage) and the price is very affordable. And I cannot rave enough about the quality of their eye shadows. Very finely-milled and the shimmers are astounding without looking garish or cheap.

With that said, I’m officially on a skincare ban. *ashamed* Le sigh.


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  1. Haha, I’m glad you got what you wanted! I purchased Star Shower Eyes #05 Close of Night $35 as well. Though I must say I’m proud that I controlled myself quite well since I got only 4 palettes XD

    My wallet can join yours in agony now.

  2. the palettes r SUPER worth it!!! close of night look really gorgeous!!!!!!! *clear throat* did ur mum complain about u shopping n anyhow buy things again?! lol

  3. Awesome haul!!

  4. miss Elain-nio

    great hauls, dear. I grabbed Nature Beige as I read your previous post 😀 *love it!

  5. I love everything you picked!

  6. You are very controlled with your haul!! Nature Green wasnt on my list but when I saw your & Elaine’s blog photos, I cant help but went back on the 2nd day to pick it up! 😀

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