Initial Impressions of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B10

I have been hankering after the highly raved Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ever since it was hyped up on the blogosphere and Youtube but couldn’t justify spending the money on a new foundation without trying it out. I had too many experiences with expensive foundations that didn’t really live up to expectations and in the end, they just sat collecting dust in my drawer.

Luckily I managed to snag a couple of sample satchets from a very kind SA at Chanel Takashimaya. I wore them for two days over about 6 to 7 hours.

I was matched to shade B10. Was initially concerned with it being too fair for my skin tone since I was thinking I might be a shade B20 but she assured me B10 will be fine so I took her word for it.

Boy was she right! The shade matched my skin tone perfectly without making me look geisha-white or too ashy.

Day 1:

5hrs of wear

7hrs of wear

I wore this over Loreal UV Perfect SPF50 sunscreen which, on its own, is rather shiny (not heavy) and at the end of 7hrs, you can see my face looked very dewy on my T-zone and cheeks. You cannot tell from the pictures, but the foundation didn’t seem to stay on well on my skin. It threatened to rub off if I touch my face with anything. I sneezed into a tissue and I could see my foundation coming off.

Not a good combination I would say. But I think the problem lies with the sunscreen as this happened with a couple of other foundations. Therefore I only like to wear this sunscreen either on its own or for short periods of time.

Day 2:

5hrs of wear

5hrs of wear

7hrs of wear

I paired the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua with the Biotherm UV Supra D-Tox SPF 50 sunscreen today. The Biotherm sunscreen (though using the same technology as L’oreal) is less greasy and seems to absorb better without looking shiny.

You can probably tell this combination works better. The foundation has a tendency to slide around my face but it wasn’t as bad as Day 1’s. The foundation also went on better and smoother.

My thoughts:

This foundation leaves a soft, illuminated finish and has a very lovely scent due to the lotus oil content. I absolutely love the look it gives; it’s natural, non-cakey and very nice in general. Its creamy but light texture makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything. However, it wasn’t as sheer as I hoped it would be. I was hoping it’d be similar to Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation (as reviewed here) but it has at least 10% more coverage. It doesn’t mean I dislike it, in fact I see why it is so highly raved and the additional coverage is a huge plus. The finish is amazing and it looks even better in pictures as my camera captures the dewy, glowy look that is highly coveted. With that said, you cannot expect good oil control from this foundation.

Best for:

People with dry/combination skins who needs minimal coverage.

Not good for:

People who have oily skin types. This will not last on you unfortunately.

Will I purchase the full size?

I am still on the fence about it. While I like the finish, the ease of application and the subtle floral scent, the lack of oil control can be a bother especially if I plan to wear it more than 7hours. Also, the tendency of it to rub off is annoying. I don’t touch my face throughout the day, but it is inevitable that some will rub off when I’m dabbing the corners of my mouth after eating or putting a tissue to my nose. Longevity is something I look for a lot in a foundation especially in our humid climate and that we are always perspiring at microscopic level, whether you are aware of it or not. This wouldn’t be so bad if my sunscreen is mattifying but mattifying sunscreens, I realize, come only in Japanese formulations and more often than not, the protection levels aren’t as high as European sunscreens (which are thicker and creamier).

This foundation also comes with SPF 15 which is a thumbs-down in my books because it limits the versatility of this foundation. If you are one who likes flash photography, this foundation leaves a white cast under flash (makes it a no-no if you want to wear it on night outs).

If I were to get this foundation eventually (which I think I just might), I would probably wear this on days when I’m only travelling to and fro school/work when I can afford to use a lower-protection mattifying sunscreen.


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  1. Maybe you can fix the rubbing off issue by slightly dusting some loose powder over it? I know..that will take away the dewiness..

    • I do use loose powder over every liquid foundation but it seems like this is most susceptible to rubbing away 😦 But I realized it’s the sunblock that’s causing this so I now try to use a mattifying one underneath instead 😛

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