BB Cream haul!

Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, I am back on the BB creams bandwagon now. I realized after months of using my Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream that my skin condition seemed to improve greatly with minimal breakouts. My skin also looked clearer and brighter after every use. Therefore, this prompted me to try out other brands of BB creams in the market, particularly from more renowned Korean brands like Dr Jart+ and BRTC.

Hence, I’ve done a mini haul last week from Beauty-Bestbuys since they were having a National Day promotion for the entire month of August.

However, do note that while they are having 30% off, their items seemed to be priced higher than local drugstores (Watsons/Guardians) so do keep that in mind when you are ordering. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

Dr Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver Label):



I have actually used up at 15ml tube of the Silver Label and I really liked it. It has been on my mind to purchase the full size for quite some time now.

BRTC Mini BB Cream Set:


I have not been very adventurous with BRTC (and only used the BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream which I ADORE), so this is a good chance to test out the other types of BB Creams available.

Samples that I received from the blogshop:

They were quite generous with the samples I’d say!  And as far as I know, they would give samples with every purchase so thumbs up for them 🙂

And I got the Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Fuse BB Cream from Vie Beauty at RWS:

Now I haven’t tried this yet but I read a lot of positive reviews on it. It helps that it contains water and moisturizing agents meant for dry skin types.

My favourite BB Cream up to date is the Legere Multi White All-in-One BB Cream and the Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream (Hot Pink) but I definitely hope these would live up to the raves 😉


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  1. Hi there hun! I was wondering which of the bb creams you;ve tried/sampled is best for dry skin? I’ve got real dry skin.. and I’m about NC 15

    • I have dry skin too, Dr Jart Silver Label can be dehydrating. But the Most Moist Water Fuse should be ok. I also like Legere White Multi, Feverlet, Dr G Hydra Intensive for dry skin. Actually most BB creams I’ve used can be drying as they usually come with good oil control. Your best bet would be using a hydrating moisturizer beneath the bb cream or skip the loose powder.

  2. That’s a lot of BBcream! Great haul! I love the moist water fuse BB cream by Dr Jart and I definitely want to try out more of their BB creams. Look forward to your reviews 🙂

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