Drugstore Series: ZA Cutie Curl Volume Mascara

I haven’t done a mascara post before, so I thought it’d be nice to introduce my favourite drugstore mascara. I haven’t tried many counter brands because I really cannot justify paying $40 for something that I’d have to throw out in 6months max.

This is not a new product but ZA Cutie Curl Volume Mascara is one that I had repurchased many times over. Besides their 2way foundation, ZA makes impressive mascaras too:)

It comes in a sleek plastic black tube with a metallic teal label and measures a wee bit more than 10cm.

It has a regular conical wand with plenty of short stubby bristles like teeth distributed evenly all round. This makes it super easy to reach even the shortest lashes.


The mascara has successfully volumised my pathetic asian lashes at the base but it might be clumpy if you are not careful. It’s important to comb out any clumps with a old clean mascara wand to achieve that long-lashed look.

My Thoughts:

To get my lashes to show up as visible on camera is no mean feat so this mascara makes me very happy! Also, it holds curls really well so no fear of floppy lashes halfway throughout the day. On its own, it doesn’t really curl lashes much but it does a fine job of volumizing. However, be careful with the clumps as this could get really clumpy in 3 coats or more so avoid piling on more than you need.

A good time to get this will be during Watsons’ 20% sales which happen quite frequently. Sometimes these mascaras come in a bundle pack with ZA’s own eyelash curler which I have tried and loved. Definitely a star product but highly underrated 🙂



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  1. This used to be my favorite mascara too! I actually have a backup at home, then I discovered Covergirl Lash Blast!

    • How does Covergirl Lashblast perform? I have read that it is very hard to remove and I hate plastick-y comb wands like that so I was not tempted to try even after reading all those raves 😛

  2. I remove all my mascaras using a cleansing oil so they are all quite easy to remove. The only issue was the huge wand which takes a bit of getting used to. I actually ended up liking the huge wand! It holds curls well and even when I perspire, it stays on (sometimes I have no time to remove my makeup when I gym coz I rush down from work).

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