Topshop Goodies – Eyeshadow Mousse & Powder Blush

I picked up some Topshop makeup from ION Orchard recently. When they first launched, I did check out the makeup range but did not feel very compelled to buy them at all because I wanted to wait for more reviews first. Now it’s a year later and I finally picked up some that I felt was a need to purchase.

Actually had wanted to pick up the Cream Blush in Head Over Heels but it was OOS at ION Orchard and the SA did not have the faintest idea whether stock will come in again or not 😦

Nonetheless, I picked up the following –

Glint & Tundra


The picture had washed out the true colour a  little, my camera does not perform well with flash 😦 Glint is said to be a MAC Satin Taupe dupe (as seen in London Fashion Freak), and for those who are familiar with MAC, Satin Taupe is a must have in every makeup kit because of its versatility to suit all skin tones. Glint looks brown in some lights,purple in others and sometimes a little reddish brown. It’s so odd. I can imagine wearing this on its own or as a base because it is rather pigmented.


Tundra on the other hand, is a grey-green with a lot of golden sparkles in it. It is more sparkly than Glint, the latter gives off a pearly sheen instead. Tundra will make a gorgeous base for mossy green shadows 🙂 The colour might be a little hard to build up though but I shall try wearing it on its own for a more in depth review.

Tundra on left, Glint on right

These were released with the recent Sandstorm collection if I am not wrong. The packaging is slightly different from the rest of their products. One thing I detest about these mousse shadows is that they are housed in a smaller & deeper pot than I’m used to. It was hard to pick them up with my fingers because the opening was a little small and I ended up with the shadows under my nails as well which was icky.

I also picked up some powder blushers:


Powdered is a cool pink with heavy blue undertones. I regretted getting this for a bit because it is definitely going to turn out too cool on me. From experience, blushers like that turn reddish on me instead of the sweet pink it looks like in the pan.


This is a colour that I fell in love immediately with. It is a BRIGHT pink apricot colour which instantly brightens up warm skintones. Pop is the perfect name for it because the colour is so intense and bright.

These colours are insanely pigmented. One swatch was all it took for them to show up, and quoting my sis who had absolutely no interest in makeup, she referred to the colours as “very rich”. Ahhhh and the textures of these remind me a lot of Illamasqua blushers; even the colours seem pretty similar to what they offer but they aren’t spot on dupes in my opinion.

natural light

with flash

That’s it for now, I will be sure to update when I start wearing these products 😀


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