Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Radiance Comfort Compact Makeup SPF15

Picked up the Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Compact Powder during the last Isetan private sales because of the many raves I had read about it. I had been on the hunt for a good counter-brand powder foundation but had been sorely disappointed with the ones I had tried so far. Chanel’s foundations are one of their star products, but most girls go for the Mat Lumiere or Mat Lumiere Extreme for oily skins. Since I have dry skin, the SA recommended me the Vitalumiere Hydra which is a cream compact. However, I wanted the convenience of a powder foundation and therefore settled on the Vitalumiere Eclat instead.

It came housed in a luxurious velvet pouch with an elastic band that holds the cover in place:

The pouch has a compartment that holds the brush/sponge (whichever you prefer to use that day) in place.

The foundation is non-refillable and comes with a sturdy plastic black case with Chanel’s signature white logo embossed on it. I have a love-hate relationship with foundation cases like this. On one hand, it is aesthetically elegant but it is a fingerprint magnet. And I am mildly obsessed with keeping things looking as new as possible >.<

I was also matched to B20, a shade up from the Vitalumiere Aqua I was matched with. It is an ok match since B10 was too fair.

I like how it comes with a sponge for heavier coverage. I had read that the coverage for this foundation is sheer and I have not yet tried it out as a foundation to determine if that is true. The downside about having a white sponge is that it dirties easily and will look more worn out than it really is.

The included brush is surprisingly soft and dense and fits perfectly in the curves of my fingers. I also like how it has that Chanel logo embossed on the handle. It adds such a classy touch to the look of the brush.

The SA recommended that the brush could be used when lesser coverage is desired ie touching up midday or setting liquid foundation whereas the sponge could be used to give heavier coverage.

An in-depth review is in order when I start using this. Can’t bear to destroy the beautiful logo :/



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