Amazing Cosmetics Concealer – The best in the world

If you have read my blog consistently, you’d know that I was a fan of Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque for my dark circles. However, I couldn’t manage to find the stock for it at various BB counters in SG after I had ran out of it, so I converted to using the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer that I had gotten a long while back.

Initially I hated the Amazing Cosmetics concealer and in fact, very much preferred the Bobbi Brown corrector because of the creamier consistency and the ease of application. The Amazing Cosmetics concealer had good coverage but I felt that too much effort  was needed to layer and blend to my desired coverage. However, once I got the hang of the application, I fell in LOVE with the Amazing Cosmetics one.

About two weeks ago, I ran out of my Amazing Cosmetics concealer (6ml) and in desperation I drove myself down to Sephora to pick up the larger tube (15ml).

It is incredibly expensive for 15ml but for the quality, I’d say it’s money well-spent! I am using the shade Light Golden.

The concealer comes in a sleek black plastic squeeze tube with a screw-on top. The packaging was nice but the concealer has a tendency to clog at the opening of the tube like this, making it look dirty and chaotic:

Size comparison (6ml vs 15ml):

As you can see, the small tube looks tiny in comparison to the full-sized one. However despite the smaller volume, it lasted me well over 6-9 months.

Shade: Light Golden

The shade Light Golden is perfect for my undereye circles and works quite well on the rest of my face but usually I try not to wear any concealers on my face because they have a tendency to cake on me. Light Golden is a pale salmon-y peachy colour and blends out a little darker than my own skin tone.

Blended out

There is some significant peach/pink undertones so it tends to look darker but I find that the shade is very similar to my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque so it covers dark circles really well.

So just a brief summary,


Sleek tube makes it easy to carry around. Fantastic coverage especially for undereyes. Blends easily with the use of fingers, does not apply too well with brushes in my opinion (unless of course you need very minimal coverage). Only a tiny amount is needed for both eyes so one tube lasts a very long time despite the high cost. Performs exceptionally well when you pat (not sweep) a pressed powder over it to set the concealer. This method gives me minimal or no creases on my undereyes.

UPDATE (22 Sept 2011): This works exceptionally well with the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder (if you use the puff provided). It provides seamless and smooth coverage that remains crease free for up to 10 hours (for me). If you have both items, try using them together! If not, try using the makeup puff/sponge provided in your pressed powder to set it. I hardly use puff applicators because I prefer using a large brush but this method works really well!


Expensive for a small tube. Packaging is terrible, the leaky cap is a pain because I am obsessed with the cleanliness of my cosmetic products. It is important to leave the tube standing upside down because of the leakage. I had experienced patches with this when I use it on my nose area but that happens with all concealers. As such I avoid putting on additional concealers on other parts of my face.

My thoughts:

I love this and Bobbi Brown’s equally. Both are of superior quality and work exceptionally. Girls with dry eye areas will benefit from both as they are moisturizing yet does not feel greasy nor heavy. In my opinion, the Bobbi Brown feels a tad thicker and has a higher tendency to sink into fine lines for me therefore I prefer the Amazing Cosmetics one but it’s just by a tiny bit.

If you have the opportunity to, try them both out and let me know which one you prefer!




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  1. i tried bobbi brown concealer but dont like it! it’s too dry for me to pick up and blend. 😦
    so i guess i shd stick to my usual brush type of liquid concealer (like loreal touch magique)..

    • Sorry to hear BB was too dry! I find it rather creamy lol! But it has a tendency to crease easily. If you don’t have serious dark circles like I do, Loreal Touch Magique will work great, I used to love that!

      • its creamy but dont seem to blend well into my skin as much as the liquid kind of concealer.. i feel the loreal one is easy to use for me and brightens but doesnt conceal my dark circles 100%! hehe.. oh well.. maybe its cuz i dont sleep enough.

      • Yep I find that Loreal seems a little bit sheer and does a better job at brightening rather than concealing, very similar to YSL Touche Eclat but of course lacks the radiance and blendability of the YSL 🙂 I used to love it when I was younger and didn’t have much to conceal 😛

  2. Hi.
    Where do you get this in Singapore?

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