Watsons Sightings: ZA Impact Lash Mascara!

Dropped by Watsons to check out the new ZA Impact Lash Mascara after all the hyped up advertisements on CLEO October 2011 issue. You can’t blame me, I was the BIGGEST fan of their (now old) ZA Cutie Curl Mascara (as reviewed previously here). I am obviously obsessed with ZA because it’s the first brand of makeup I had purchased from. It’s been 7 long years and I’m still a fan of their 2way foundations and mascaras. Same can’t be said about their skincare and eye shadow ranges though because they totally failed me.:(

In the past 7 years, I am proud to see ZA grow in terms of their product ranges and marketing directions that the company had taken.

As such, when they first advertised their new Impact Lash Mascara on CLEO, I knew I had to RUN OUT and get it so I could compare the new and old in terms of performance.

Here’s sharing some pictures from the brochure for the Impact Lash Mascara:

Some pictures from the new ZA display stand at Watsons (sneakily snapped with my phone so apologies for the bad quality):


current promotional set (ZA Impact Lash Volume + Eye & Lip MU Remover 30ml)

New ZA Ever Brow liners

From Watsons’ in house “Simply Makeup” catalogue where they compiled the recent new cosmetic offerings:

Found this really interesting brand of falsies – PaperSelf (first saw it on sephora.com but now it’s here):

For $23.90 they seem a little steep but the designs of the lashes are really interesting and cute! I can’t wait to see them in stock! I love the peacock design ones 🙂 They are retailing at USD19 on the Sephora website so $23.90 is not exactly all that marked up.

Also spotted some Candy Doll items:

Bebe Poshe:

I am quite impressed with IMM Watsons because they seem to carry most of the goodies featured. Other outlets include larger ones like those at Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction and Jurong Point. And I’m very happy with the direction Watsons is taking in Singapore, it’s time they realize that there is a huge market here with more local women getting into makeup and a little bit more variation (apart from the usual Revlon, L’Oreal, Maybelline) won’t hurt 😉

Lastly, these are what I picked up today:

ZA Impact Lash – Volume & Long ($17.50 ea)

ZA Eye & Lip MU Remover 30ml (free with Volume mascara)

Also bought 2 x 18ml bottles of Biore Eye & Lip MU Remover at $2 each, these are perfect sizes for travelling!

I will do a review soon on these new ZA babies as soon as I get around to it… It’s a little hard especially when I have 13 mascaras unopened and am currently alternating with 4 😦 I have some serious compulsive buying issue :/


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  1. Oh, pls review the mascaras!! I love their powder foundie (onto my 5th!), eye brow pencils and mascaras (has an unopened cutie curl as backup too)!!

  2. 13 mascaras??!!!!!! szb lol waiting for ur reviews on the za mascara!! been wanting to try it after i read cleo *cleo is da temptress*!!

  3. I have tried the impact lash mascara VOLUME and the curl is AMAZING. If you have 13 mascaras unopened, you should try ZA’s first.

    Looking forward to your review haha 🙂

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