Watsons Sightings: Bébé Poshé in Singapore!

Update (15 Oct 2011): Updated with swatches of Bébé Creme and Juicy Muah Sexy Yummy Lipgloss.


Bébé Poshé is a the brainchild of 4 Taiwanese socialites and a celebrity makeup artist and has finally hit our shores. I spotted a Bébé Poshé rack in Watsons today, not too sure how long it has been up already. The testers are all still rather new and untainted so I would say… Not long 😛

Starry Eyeshadows, Perfect Concealers and Sexy Brow Shaper:

Their highly raved Dazzling Eye Pencils:

Bébé Creme:

Juicy Muah Sexy Yummy Lipgloss:

Princess Kiss Lipstick:

Some swatches that I managed to take:

The eyeshadows were surprisingly smooth and pigmented even without the use of an eyeshadow base. However I find the colours very blah and not tempting enough for me to pick up… But we shall see. Eyeliners are a totally different story altogether. They might look average in pictures but in real life they do pack quite a punch. I am missing the swatch of 04 Starry Purple because that darned tester pencil had a broken tip and I could not swatch unless it was sharpened 😦


It is odd that the 05 is missing from both the product catalogue and the tester. These lipsticks are super sheer and require several swipes to build on the colour. That is perfectly fine with me because I am not one who likes pigmented lip colours. However, the colours didn’t appeal to me much at all with the exception of 08 Milk Toffee. That is like the perfect balance of pink and coral.

Held off my purchase though because I hate the packaging. The lipstick is housed in a black plastic tube with a jewelled cap that makes it look cheap 😦 And the black tube looks like it will get scratched easily. I absolutely love the colour though… So we shall see (again).

I picked up some eyeliners though because they honestly are of good quality and held up really well. Will do a detailed review on them when I have the time 😉


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