Drugstore Series: Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Pencil

After discovering Bébé Poshé in the Watsons near me, I only picked up the Dazzling Eye Pencils because they really wow-ed me at first swatch. Besides, there was a $5 off their Eye Pencils so it cost me about $12.90 each instead of the usual price of $17.90.

They come in different textures in both mattes and metallics. The longevity of these pencils are amazing and rivals pencils from high-end brands like Urban Decay and MAC.

a variety of looks can be created using different colours

loving the designs on the pencils

Swatches (L-R: 01 Black Diamond, 02 Metallic Copper, 03 Midnight Blue, 04 Starry Plum):

with flash

natural light

01 Black Diamond: Rich intense black with sparse blue/green shimmers

02 Metallic Copper: Rusty copper metallic brown with speckles of gold shimmers

03 Midnight Blue: Creamy dark purple blue with green shimmers

04 Starry Plum: Medium purple with intense pink shimmers

So far, I’m liking them but I’ve got problems with my 03 Midnight Blue pencil. The tip is so soft that it broke before I swatched it. I ended up having to sharpen it but it constantly revealed a tip that was hollow within (wtf?).  And because of its hollowness, the pencil broke when I touched the tip to my skin which was terrible.  This particular pencil is also much creamier than the others so this caused the tip to blunt very fast. I have barely started using this pencil and everytime I tried swatching it, it crumbles to nothing. It is now sharpened to death and I am very disappointed 😦 I don’t know if I had gotten a dud but this particular pencil didn’t impress me very much even though the colour intensity was astounding and the longevity was amazing.


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