Watsons Sightings: Maybelline Mineral BB Mousse + CandyDoll Base MU

Spotted these at my neighbourhood Watsons:

Candy Doll New Base Items:

Liquid Foundation comes in two shades – #01 and #02 – $41.90 each

Makeup Base – $37.90 each

Powder Foundation – $40.90 each

There were no testers available for the liquid foundations, only the MU Base. The MU base is a little too shimmery for my liking and blends clear (under store lights that is). I feel that the entire base makeup range is rather expensive for the quality and packaging isn’t super attractive either. No temptation to buy and try them out.

I also spotted the NEW Maybelline Mineral BB Mousse in the store:

This is quite exciting for me because I spotted this in the latest issue of CLEO and I have been waiting for it. The issue mentioned this will be out in November so it was a pleasant surprise to see this on our shelves so soon.

Comes in only one shade, no tester available yet 😩

This BB Mousse is made in Japan (whereas the Mineral BB Cream is Made in China) so at least quality is assured. Packaging is in Japanese too with English translations of the ingredients list. I cannot wait to try this out because it looks really promising from all the reviews I had read on TW blogs.


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  1. miss Elain-nio

    Woo.. Thanks for sharing. I am waiting for the BB mousse. 🙂

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