MAC Porcelain Pink – New (2011) vs Old (2004)

MAC Porcelain Pink has been repromoted several times over the past few years ever since its successful release in 2004 and that was when I picked up my first ever MSF. At that time I didn’t understand the hype and I remember scouring the internet for tips on how to wear them and what brushes to use them with (where I started my foray into MAC brushes).

I loved my MAC Porcelain Pink with every fibre of my soul and used it religiously (Ok apparently not religiously enough because it took me SIX long years to hit pan).

Anyway. I decided to repurchase the MAC Porcelain Pink during its recent Fall Collection 2011 since it is so well-loved 🙂

special thanks to Elynn

Just thought I’d do a comparison on the new and old ones:

I would say… Well, the base colour didn’t change all that much at all just that the old one seemed to have a little bit more glitter bits in it than the new one. The old one also feels grittier against the touch but the new old is pretty smooth. When worn, the base colours remain the same and have the very pretty duochrome look to them but the old one has significantly more golden glitters (like you could see the chunks of glitter literally where you applied it) whereas the new one contains only a minute amount (only close up). The glitters are so much finer now and not as chunky so it’s perfect for those with pore issues or oily skin.

Just a quick swatch comparing the Porcelain Pinks with others in my stash:


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  1. Wow at hitting pan even though you took 6 years!

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