Kanebo Christmas 2011 Seasonal Sale – Up to 70% Off!

For the uninitiated, Kanebo Markdown sales are now on! Brands include Kanebo Blanchir Superior, Coffret D’Or, Lunasol, Kate and Freshel. This is the best time to do some last minute shopping for your friends and families this Christmas.

Just a preview of my haul:

Updated price list:

Lunasol Skincare:

Oil Cleansing $23, Foamy Cream Wash $20, Foamy Moist Wash $23, Moist Conditioner $35, First Skin Adjuster $30, Eye Essence Kit $40, Eye Makeup Remover $10

Compared to the last Kanebo sales in July, prices for skincare is higher now (Oil Cleansing was $12 and Foamy Cream Wash was $10 during the last sales). However, there is a significant increase in the variety for skincare.

Lunasol Makeup:

Aurorized Eyeshadow Palette #01-05 $35, Shiny Nuance Eyes/Auro Nuance Eyes $15, Shining Face Powder $15, Pressed Powder refill $25, Pressed Powder Compact Case $15, Noble Shade Liquid Liner $20, Gel Eyeliner $20, Eye Pencil $15, Undereye Base (Concealer) $18, Full Glamour Lips & Full Glamour Liquid Lips $15.

There were no blushers available.

Rather disappointed with the variety of eyeshadow palettes. The sales this time round lacked the Nature Color Eyes & Star Shower Eyes palettes that were offered in July.

Blanchir Superior:

White Luster Set $25, White Deep Clear Conditioner Set $25, White Luster N $18

Impress IC:

Lotion $25, Emulsion $25, White Returnergy $45

Coffret D’Or:

Jewelicious Eyes/Beauty C-Curve Eyes/Color Mix Eyes Palette $12, Eyeshadow Base (01 & 02) $8, Mascara $8, Gel Eyeliner w/brush $10, Lipsticks $8-10, Eyelash Curler $10, RT Veil Misty Lotion & Makeup Base $8, Beauty Lasting Liquid UV Foundation $15, Powder Foundation $15

Kate Cosmetics:

Diamond Cut Eyes/Dual Blend Eyes/Gradical Eyes $6-$8, Gel Eyeshadow $3, Mascara $8, other items should be below $10

Freshel Skincare:

White C:

Cleansing Oil $10, Cleansing Cream $10, Essence Cream $16, other items under $20

Moist Lift:

Cleansing Oil $10, other items are under $20.

Please feel free to add a comment if you would like to add on to the price list and happy holidays to all readers! 🙂


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