Haul: Chanel Spring 2012 Harmonie de Printemps

Chanel had released their new Spring collection for 2012 –  Harmonie de Printemps in Takashimaya yesterday 🙂

Source: www.chanel.com

My haul for today (includes the Dior Spring 2012 Eyeshadow Quint in Garden Roses):

I am super excited about these and cannot wait to try them out!

More pictures of Blush Horizon de Chanel:

Extremely pretty piece and definitely the star of the collection. I could not bear to shell out any more money for this collection so I decided to just stick to the blush and no regrets so far! This is like a blush and highlighter all in one and as many other bloggers had pointed out, it consists of cool pinks on the top half of the blush and warmer peaches on the bottom half. You should be able to mix the colours according to how much peach or pink you prefer on your cheeks but honestly to me that sounds gimmicky because the stripes are way too small to pick up individually. I would probably use this swirled altogether because I’m rather sure the cooler pinks are not going to work very well with my yellow skin tone. With all that said, do you absolutely need one? At $100 per piece, honestly… No, the colours are easily duped and there are too many other cheaper products out there waiting to be tried. But it makes a worthwhile collector’s item so if you have the budget, there is no harm occasionally splurging on a high quality, well-made Chanel blush.

For more pictures and information, Karlasugar had included useful swatches of the entire collection in her blog.


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  1. Thanks for your picture. Now I know I did not make a bad selection. I can’t wait to see your swatches. Did you get to see Tigerlily?
    I bought mine through Nordstrom because it is way cheaper and even with shipping. It sells for USD $58.I decided to pick all my Spring collection items from Nordstrom to save on shipping. So I have Tigerlily, Dior Garden Pastels, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia and NARS coming. I can’t wait!

    • Oh CRUEL GARDENIA! I am looking forward to buying that from local counters – apparently it’s been OOS on Nordstrom everytime I check 😦 Super excited about that, pity I missed the Laura Mercier one. What a huge haul you are expecting… I’m sure you will enjoy them!

  2. You know what? I stalked Nordstrom everyday, I missed it the first time because I was still thinking, when I realise it was oos my heart sank. Then I started stalking the site everyday until stocks came back again. I’m terrible!

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