Christian Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – Garden Roses vs. Purple Crystal

Hi all! I finally got around to swatching my Dior Garden Roses quint and would like to compare this to my other Dior palette in Purple Crystal since both of them reminded me of each other.

With flash: Dior Purple Crystal, Dior Garden Roses

Natural Light – Dior Purple Crystal, Dior Garden Roses

Swatches of Purple Crystal

Now, I have been vastly disappointed by the quality of Dior eyeshadow quints (no thanks to my first-ever Dior quint in Sky Glow) and have since swore off them. However, HS managed to pick up Purple Crystal for me at a Dior warehouse sale a while ago and to my utmost surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed Purple Crystal (whereas Sky Glow let me down completely).

Now fast forward a year and some months when Dior has been churning out new releases after releases, I was never interested because while Purple Crystal was beautiful, it is not good enough to entice me to return to the brand. Plus the prices of the quints are too high to justify any purchase 😦

When I saw promo pictures of the Garden Party Collection being released, I was like, “BAH. Not again.” And made up my mind to ignore it. When the collection was first released at Takashimaya, I could not help but marvel at the beautiful quints on display. Then I walked over to the counter and reached out to touch the eyeshadows, transferring the swatch onto the back of my hand. I remembered going, “Wowwwwwww”. Then, I couldn’t help it but reach in for more. And more. And more. Each shade seemed to leap to life beneath my fingers; the sparkles in the shadows fighting to catch the light. I kept telling myself, “No no no, you have Purple Crystal and that is enough.”

For the next few days, Garden Roses was on my mind. I was in love.

With that, I ended up with a new Dior quint tucked in my shopping bag.

NO REGRETS. My initial fear that it might be similar to Purple Crystal was dispelled immediately. Purple Crystal was a true purple quint – it consists of a glittery (and gritty) mint green shade, the palest of peach-pink, a light lilac, a lavender and a deep purple. Garden Roses is a more varied and mixed quint with shades of light to medium pinks, purples and silver. Even though the lighter shades from both palettes can be indistinguishable from one another when applied on the eyes, the main point of difference is the finish of these shades. Purple Crystal has the slightest pearlescent sheen that makes the shadows look borderline glowy. When applied on the eyes however, it mainly looks powdery and matte unless you catch the light. The frost in the shadows also only show up when the shadows are heavily packed on.

For Garden Roses, it is a different story altogether. The shadows are smoother and more finely-milled yet more transparent. They are also more metallic and gives off a nice “wet-look” in comparison to Purple Crystal which can be powdery. I have not tried this palette on the eyes yet but I foresee that they will be getting a lot of wear.

I hope this post is helpful. Thank you for reading!


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  1. I thought I was the only one who felt that about Dior quints, I have a few but always felt that they were too shimmery and did not suit my colouring. I have Sky Glow too, I hate the light blue shade I don’t know what to do with it. I bought my Garden Pastels purely for the rose print, I do not have high hopes. Purple crystal looks good though.

    • Hi Jacqueline!

      So I’m not alone too! I don’t know how Dior is able to sell their quints for so expensively yet with them lacking in quality. I no longer use the blue shade in Sky Glow, in fact I find that the entire palette does not work nor show up well on me. It took me so much effort for the colours to show up and then as a result they look muddy and dirty on my eyes so I kind of gave up on them :/

      Garden Pastels will please you I’m sure. The colours are beautiful but I find it hard to pull off greens personally 😦

  2. Hey, thanks for the comparison.
    Some of the Dior palettes are poorly pigmented- ie: Night Dust.
    It is so sheer and powdery.

    But, I would say Garden Roses is way better! Ultra smooth and shimmery. They showed up with a swipe though the two purple shades tend to look similar after blending. Nevertheless, I am happy to own it as this is truly the palette for Spring!

  3. i demand a EOTD!! i swatched it at the counter & its VERY sparkly~ love it!

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