Review: Diorskin Skin-Refining Pro Lighting Radiant Base #001

I picked up the Diorskin Skin-Refining Pro Lighting Makeup Base from SG-Bestbuy World recently thanks to the recommendations of several friends as I was in need of a good primer that helps with radiance (just in time for Chinese New Year)!

The Diorskin Radiant Base works on a Dior innovation known as Pro Lighting Action whereby an unparalleled combination of soft focus pigments and transparent pearly particles (Halo Pearls) help diffuse light in all directions giving the result of a refined skin texture to reveal a complexion that glows with beauty.

There is supposedly 2 shades custom-made to beautify Asian complexions: 001 for “blue” skin tones and 002 for yellow skin tones. However, SG-BestBuy only carries the 001 shade so I picked that up instead.

This makeup base also comes with an SPF of 20 / PA+ but I won’t recommend leaving the house without a properly-formulated sunscreen because of the low PA rating of this makeup base.

This primer comes in a heavyweight frosted glass bottle that feels solid and sturdy in my hands. It also comes with a metal pump nozzle that makes dispensing of product very easy and hygienic.

swatch in natural light

swatch blended out

As can be seen from above swatches, the base is a rosy pale pink liquid that helps to brighten up the skintone. Even though the shade is pink, it does not make me look grey or too fair. It does not contain any visible shimmers as far as I could tell. There is also a very subtle fresh floral scent to it that is not overpowering in any way. In fact, it smells pretty damn good in my opinion. As far as a primer goes, this one applies creamily and blends easily into the skin using fingers and the colour helps to brighten up the skintone without looking too over the top. It also does not provide any form of coverage whatsoever but it does result in a rather refined skin texture (without the need for additional foundation).  This base also helps my foundation go on better but it lacks some oil control. There is some dewy shine on my T-zone and chin after a mere couple of hours. This is quite surprising because my skin is dry (and dehydrated) by nature and I seem to get better oil control using the foundations on their own without the Diorskin Radiant Base.

For those who have drier skin types and are looking for a radiance booster, this primer will be what you are looking for!

Price: $59/30ml


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