Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Singapore: Fig Jam & Strawberry Shortcake

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters had taken the US beauty blogging community by storm for the past few months and I am really interested to find out what the hype was all about. Finally, news were released regarding its availability in our local Watsons and of course I had to pop by to check them out but alas, only a pathetic handful of shades (EIGHT to be exact) are offered in Singapore as compared to the TWENTY in the US.

Nonetheless, these were what I had picked up:

Fig Jam, Strawberry Shortcake (these names make me hungry!)

Fig Jam looks like a deep brownish plum in the tube but it applies sheerly on the back of my hands leaving a very rosy-brown colour whereas Strawberry Shortcake is a very cool-toned baby pink that might be difficult to carry off on warm skintones.

Strawberry Shortcake:

Strawberry Shortcake

Fig Jam:

Fig Jam


I love Fig Jam to death. It reminds me a lot of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey just that Black Honey can look a little darker and leans more berry whereas Fig Jam is redder. Applied sheerly, it also is a MLBB colour which makes it perfect when you don’t want to look too made up. Strawberry Shortcake seems to be the least-cool pink available but it still appears too blue (almost lilac) on my lips. It might work if I apply a sheer layer but anything too much and I look crazy. Other colors available in Watsons include: Macaroon, Brown Sugar, Peach Parfait, Cherry Tart, Candy Apple, Lollipop (if I remember correctly).


Texture-wise, these definitely glide on like butter and has the feel of a Clinique Chubby Stick. These feel rather comfortable on the lips and while it does not prevent the lips from cracking, it does not dry my lips completely either.  It is encouraged that you put on some waxy non-slippery lip balm beneath before putting these on.  Because of the nature of the product, the lipstick bullets are softer and prone to melting. Therefore it is important to store them away from direct heat and avoid twisting up too much product.


These lipsticks last approximately an hour or so for me and lesser if I lick my lips a lot. Reapplication can dry out the lips further if no lip balm was used.

Other  Thoughts:

I will likely repurchase in some other colours but honestly, I wasn’t WOW-ed by the product. Certainly, the Revlon Lip Butter did not disappoint and let me down completely but it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Granted, I love how easy it was to just slick this on without a mirror and how nice it feels on the lips for the first 10 minutes or so but otherwise I’m like “meh”. It is an okay product and it works for the price point, but it wasn’t quite worth all the buzz in the blogging community.


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  1. Hi sweetie, both colours look great on you. Thanks for your review.

  2. Which Watsons did you get them from? I can’t seem to find them 😦

  3. I like Fig Jam on you!! It looks really natural. Have you tried Peach Parfait? It is a really famous colour, that many people seem to like, because it matches well with any eye makeup. Asides, does it feel moisturizing? And do you always need to reapply?

    • Hi Ella!

      Yes Fig Jam is a real beauty despite how scarily dark it looks in the tube. I have not tried Peach Parfait on the lips because these are always out of stock! However I did get the opportunity to swatch it at the back of my hands but was instantly put off by how chunky the glitters were 😦 I try to steer clear from glittery lip products because when the colour fades, the glitter bits get stuck unceremoniously on my lips and tend to dry them out further.

      In response to your query, this range of lippies certainly do not live up to the claims. I feel like they go on rather smooth and stays on the lips well but they definitely do not add any moisture to the lips. They feel more or less like Clinique Chubby Sticks (if you have tried them); feel comfortable enough on their own but do not provide sufficient moisture to hydrate the lips 🙂

  4. I just got fig jam, too! I was a bit scared to try it on because the tube is so dark, but it looks wonderful on you.

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